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OPINION: High school athletics remain important despite potential head injuries

Between the years 2009-2014 a federal law was passed called “return-to-play.” According to Milken Institute School of Public Health, the return-to-play law indicates that athletes should immediately stop playing if a concussion is suspected. Players may return to practice or

OPINION: Extinction is coming fast

By Vanessa True Polar bears are dwindling at a faster rate than the world thought. Imagine a world where children would simply learn about polar bears as being a part of our history in the same category as dinosaurs and

OPINION: Healthy school lunches are a lost cause

By Emilee Ivan Schools across America have been trying to give healthy options to students at lunch. Our school is included in this attempted change. Over the years I have experienced many changes to the lunches served to students. However,

OPINION: Washington must abolish death penalty

By Rudy A. Mix The death penalty is a form of punishment so severe that it will end one’s own life. It is an unjust construct and should not be used, for taking someone’s life is by far the worst

Q&A: Preziosio makes impact with VTP students

By Elisa Reamer Julie Preziosio is a special education teacher at Batavia High School. This is her first year teaching the Vocational Transitional Program (VTP) students but has also co-taught history, science, and English classes. Every day she is faced

OPINION: Future is bright for West Exit

By Neal Patel Students from Batavia High School came up with a brilliant clothing brand. Julian Davis, Joe Ruzicka, Michael Jansey, Jake Paoletti, and Connor Davis are the creative students who started this business. These five students showed us that

OPINION: Immigration needs change, but not in Trump’s way

Immigration today is one of the most controversial  issues America is facing, with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement known as ICE with new rules giving illegal immigrants 48 hours to be deported after they are told they have to leave.

OPINION: Don’t let social media trump voices

By Bri Pierce #MeToo began to spread widely after the convictions of Harvey Weinstein. This hashtag on social media is used to help spread the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment to show girls they are not alone when it

OPINION: Teaching is the best job

By Emily Tratar When people are asked the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” the answer is usually not to relive your high school days for the rest of your life as a teacher. Most

OPINION: Should community service be encouraged more at BHS?

By Abigail Solano The debate over required community service in high school has been thoroughly analyzed. At Batavia High School, community service hours are not required although there are volunteer clubs such as Interact and Key Club that are for