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OPINION: Reverse racism is a myth

By Grace Gerardi Since November, numerous hate crimes have reignited discussions about race relations in the United States of America. Latent racism has come to a head in the form of these sensational, outrageous acts of bigotry, but there remain

Batavia decides to follow UEC neighbors to new DuKane Conference

By Jackson Lambert and Liam Hellard Over the past several weeks, a new conference called the DuKane Conference (composed of Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles East, St. Charles North, Wheaton North, Wheaton South, Glenbard North, and Lake Park) has gained traction

OPINION: So…what now?

By Brad Balicki On Wed., Nov. 10, president-elect Donald Trump and current president Barack Obama met following the aftermath of an upset of an election. They reportedly talked about topics ranging from foreign policy to domestic policy and a variety

OPINION: Dylan straight chillin’ without his Nobel Prize?

Bob Dylan, recently won a Nobel Prize for literature due to his poetic word play on his songs. However it seems Dylan might not even accept the award. Bob Dylan is somebody who is infamously known for his opposition of

OPINION: Kanye West rants set off fan base, but why?

By Jackson Lambert November 19 was a somewhat average concert stop for Kanye West, but turned into a mental breakdown in front of thousands of fans and a later visit to the hospital. After playing three songs for his first

Students propose BHS improvements

By Sarah Hager Many students have ideas for how Batavia High School could be improved, either through changes or additions to the current system. Featured below are suggestions given by members of the student body as to how students’ learning

OPINION: Thanksgiving is better than Christmas

By Claire Gearhart Everyone loves the welcoming feelings that celebrations bring to the household. Spending time together, going on vacations, time off from work or school are all things enjoy about holidays. Any festivity no doubt brings favorable feelings to

OPINION: Who should Win the Heisman Trophy?

By Maty Baines The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding player in College Football.The award was created by the Downtown Athletic Club in 1935.  Many football legends have won the Heisman over the past 81 years. These legends

OPINION: Adopt, don’t shop!

By Holly DuBose Everyone knows Petland, but everyone does not know where their animals come from. 99% of puppies at stores come from puppy mills. By shopping at pet stores like Petland, customers are supporting puppy mills all over the

OPINION: Later school start times help sleep deprived students

By Maddie Durso Every morning your alarm screams at you to wake up. It’s time to get up ready to go to school. You’re tired and exhausted, yet you still somehow drag yourself to school. Delaying school start time would