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OPINION: Don’t let social media trump voices

By Bri Pierce #MeToo began to spread widely after the convictions of Harvey Weinstein. This hashtag on social media is used to help spread the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment to show girls they are not alone when it

OPINION: Teaching is the best job

By Emily Tratar When people are asked the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” the answer is usually not to relive your high school days for the rest of your life as a teacher. Most

OPINION: Should community service be encouraged more at BHS?

By Abigail Solano The debate over required community service in high school has been thoroughly analyzed. At Batavia High School, community service hours are not required although there are volunteer clubs such as Interact and Key Club that are for

OPINION: Liberty for lobsters

By Emma Exon All things considered, little is known about lobsters. Though many would consider them a delicacy, there is much more to the crustacean than meets the taste buds. Though it is inconclusive and widely debated as to if

OPINION: Students should join BHS Interact Club

By Elisa Reamer Getting involved is one of the best ways to make your high school career worthwhile. When looking at the list of clubs offered at BHS, students may become overwhelmed by the number of different opportunities. Everyone should

OPINION: Gruden will bring Raiders back to glory

It didn’t come as a shock to anyone. Just hours after he had finished broadcasting the weekend’s first wild-card game between the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs, the former Buccaneers and Raiders coach announced his return to coaching.

Five best choices to make your high school years the best

By Grace Mirelez The four years you spend in high school are all about what you make of them and what you come out learning whether you choose college as your path or not. Your academics, electives, sports, and clubs

Top five apps for highschoolers

By Isabel Mach In this generation of teenagers, most are very dependent on their phones. Whether someone has an Iphone X or a Samsung Galaxy, there is one thing they all have in common: entertaining apps? In my opinion here

Global warming: fact or fiction?

By Koby Kett Yes, the biggest controversy of this day and age is global warming and climate change. And there are myths galore about it. In everything from politics to scientists, this is the list of the Top five global

Physical Education should not be required

By Claire Gearhart Illinois is one of only six states that requires their students to take some form of physical education every year from kindergarten through senior year of high school, according to Time magazine. “The fact that kids are