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Burken recovers from concussion, returns to cheer

By Abby Kent Head injuries; a scary concept for all, but a reality for Freshman Junior Varsity cheerleader Caty Burken. One day about two months ago a fluke accident caused her to suffer her first serious injury – a concussion.

Freshmen prepare for final exams

By Julia Pelech As finals approach, Batavia’s freshmen have been questioning how they are going to prepare as this is their first time taking final exams in high school. Finals are scheduled for the two days right before the start

Fitzpatrick defying gender norms

By Holly DuBose, Lauren Casper, and Carly Casper She straps her pads on and pulls on her helmet. She heads out to the field, in disguise and blends in with the other male teammates. She steps in front of the

Kaleidoscope concert shown through the student’s eyes

By Claire Gearhart The soft glow of the fairy lights was visible even through the blinding stage lights that brought out the worst shadows in the face. Stomachs fluttered with metaphorical butterflies as nerves were brought out by walking onto

Burke’s time to shine

By Kyra Swims The shuffling and mumbling of the audience rings in your ear as you’re anxiously waiting backstage. You’re heart is beating at rates you never knew possible as your hands are balled into the tightest fist. As a

Freshman finals survival kit

By Xander Lundblad Are you feeling the normal stress of a typical high schooler now that the semester is coming to a close? Is your stomach aching? Are your palms sweating? If you answered, “yes, that’s me!” then sit back

How to be a successful student athlete

By Julia Pelech There are many students at Batavia High School who are involved in sports, which require them to stay after school for daily practices, hindering their time to do homework. It takes certain skills to be able to

Color Guard: Relationships that last a lifetime

By Abby Hill Emotions pour out onto the tarp, a story being created right in front of the audience’s eyes. Flags and weapons spinning, the color guard performs their heart out as a team, but more importantly, as a family.

‘Meaning of Life’ with Grace Skiba

By Abby Kent Grace Skiba The possible artist “I got into drawing by picking up a crayon as a child and never putting it back down.” My favorite thing to do in my free time is draw, watch Netflix, and

Meaning of Life – Gia Marino

By Abby Kent Gia Marino The Tennis Champion “I just won conference in Tennis. My dream job would probably be being a YouTuber because they get to travel a lot, they run their own job, and they make a lot