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Three easy ways to eat healthier

By Emily Risner Students sometimes have trouble with healthy eating habits. Most students prefer to go to junk food because it tastes better. Students need to find quick and better ways to eat so they can stay healthy throughout the

How-to: Flower crowns

By Lauren Burnham Ah, the flower crown. A must have accessory of anybody, anywhere! Yes, you too, guys. If you’ve noticed, and I won’t be surprised if you haven’t, every Thursday a few people go around the school with flower

OPINION: 10 things to do this winter

By Gianna Kozaczka You may be dreading this next winter coming up because of how boring Batavia can be. No need to panic! Here are 10 things to do in Batavia when the winter comes and you’re stuck inside. Have

Flow Arts help clear the mind

By Gianna Kozaczka Most everyone in this world dances in their own way. There’s contemporary dance, ballet, hip-hop and many more forms. Another form of dance, which is unlike any other is flow dance or flowarts. It’s called flow because

Fall wardrobe essentials

By Sam Fricano The time has come around again where the green leaves turn to a beautiful red-orange and the air becomes crisp as a new season begins. While everyone is sad to see summer go, in my opinion fall

Finding the perfect cleanser

By Sam Fricano Finding the perfect cleanser is a hunt all of us teenagers go on at one point or another. Cleansers are necessary to remove both makeup and other oils and dirt that have accumulated on your face throughout

Back to School Beauty Essentials

By Sam Fricano Another school year is upon us. With it comes homework, sports, and a whole new routine. Your schedule is changing, the season is changing, so why not change up what beauty products you are using, as well?