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Batavia High School named Illinois Democracy School

By Abigail Solano Batavia High School was recognized as a 2017 Illinois Democracy School in early August after displaying the practice of democracy within the school over the years.  This award is given to a school that exemplifies six key

Freshmen in the House

By Abby Kent and Claire Gearhart Starting next school year, a new system will be put in place called the House System and will impact mostly freshman. This is the beginning of plans to make Batavia High School seem less

Kaleidoscope concert enjoyed by everyone

By Alexa Garcia The 6th annual kaleidoscope concert occurred in the BFAC on Wed., Dec. 9 to showcase musicians at Batavia High School. This concert included performances from the band, choir, orchestra, and small ensemble groups. For this concert, musical

Batavia decides to follow UEC neighbors to new DuKane Conference

By Jackson Lambert and Liam Hellard Over the past several weeks, a new conference called the DuKane Conference (composed of Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles East, St. Charles North, Wheaton North, Wheaton South, Glenbard North, and Lake Park) has gained traction

Freshman finals survival kit

By Xander Lundblad Are you feeling the normal stress of a typical high schooler now that the semester is coming to a close? Is your stomach aching? Are your palms sweating? If you answered, “yes, that’s me!” then sit back

Liftup101: Kindness is a virtue

By Brad Balicki and Wah Htoo A new positivity challenge created by elementary school Mary Jensen is meant to help spread random acts of kindness in tough times. “Liftup101” was started with the intent set on making the world a

Three apps for stressed students

by Grace Gerardi The end of a semester is a hectic time during which organization is often neglected. Important tasks fall through the cracks due to the sheer size of student’s workload. In order to save time, it is important

Trip to Hawaii gives marching band ‘intimate’ experience

By Abby Hill and Isabella Jordan The Marching band went to Oahu, Hawaii over Thanksgiving break to play at Pearl Harbor. This trip was with only 45 students and was “much more intimate,” according to Chris Owen, than the previous

Teachers unhappy with new school policy

By Maddie Durso and Maty Baines A total of $155,146.23 was taken from the various number of clubs and of activities that the Batavia School District offers. This past year, leftover money in the Student Activity Account, raised by students

New extracurricular activities come to BHS

By Grace Gerardi The past year has brought numerous new clubs to Batavia High School, including Career Club and Open Circle. These organizations are run by Ms. Gia Russo and Alexandra Davis, respectively, and they cater to the broad scope