Freshmen in the House

By Abby Kent and Claire Gearhart Starting next school year, a new system will be put in place called the House System and will impact mostly freshman. This is the beginning of More »

Kaleidoscope concert enjoyed by everyone

By Alexa Garcia The 6th annual kaleidoscope concert occurred in the BFAC on Wed., Dec. 9 to showcase musicians at Batavia High School. This concert included performances from the band, choir, orchestra, More »

Batavia decides to follow UEC neighbors to new DuKane Conference

By Jackson Lambert and Liam Hellard Over the past several weeks, a new conference called the DuKane Conference (composed of Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles East, St. Charles North, Wheaton North, Wheaton South, More »

Freshman finals survival kit

By Xander Lundblad Are you feeling the normal stress of a typical high schooler now that the semester is coming to a close? Is your stomach aching? Are your palms sweating? If More »

Liftup101: Kindness is a virtue

By Brad Balicki and Wah Htoo A new positivity challenge created by elementary school Mary Jensen is meant to help spread random acts of kindness in tough times. “Liftup101” was started with More »


Key Club making impact on community

By Wah Htoo Key club is a volunteering club that rounds kids together to help the community and improve their character. They do multiple activities and have many members. ”Key club is a student lag association,”  said president Maggie Keating.

Top five major sports related events in 2016

By Kyle Davis Some major events in sports have happened over the course of 2016, from sport records being broken, to the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series after 108 years. Some of the events that happened in 2016

Sego’s freshman year proves highly successful

She launches herself off the diving blocks and heads straight for the water. Her body glides through the water with her arms moving rapidly and her legs kicking with great force. Traveling the pool end to end she pushes through

Juarez spike’s up the court

By Brooke Meyer No. 15 on the court, playing for Batavia High School, slams the ball straight down the middle on the opposing side of the net, breaking the tie with Batavia’s biggest rivals, Geneva. No. 15 happens to be

OPINION: Reverse racism is a myth

By Grace Gerardi Since November, numerous hate crimes have reignited discussions about race relations in the United States of America. Latent racism has come to a head in the form of these sensational, outrageous acts of bigotry, but there remain

Alissa Chu, varsity athlete and hard working student

A dancer who often places at nationals, Alissa Chu is a freshman here at Batavia High School. Often described as dedicated and hardworking, she takes many honor and AP classes as a freshman, along with being on the varsity dance

Woods grows from involvement in wrestling, choir

By Logan Elders Everyone has a talent or skill, but what makes us different is the matter of if we truly use those talents. Shelby Woods is someone who uses her talents to go above and beyond, her friends say.

Morris’ ‘fighter personality’ will bring success in military

By Sarah Hager Most 18-year-old girls do not aspire to one day serve in the military. However, this is the goal of Batavia High School senior Kate Morris. In the upcoming school year, Morris will be packing her bags and

Chahmirzadi rocks the drumline

By Maggie Boersma The drums pound, their loud sound ringing through the air. It echoes around the room, the beats growing into a song. The drum line participates in several competitions and performs many times. The season of drum line

Burken recovers from concussion, returns to cheer

By Abby Kent Head injuries; a scary concept for all, but a reality for Freshman Junior Varsity cheerleader Caty Burken. One day about two months ago a fluke accident caused her to suffer her first serious injury – a concussion.