Q&A: The importance of priorities

By Sofia Bellafiore

Today, I conducted an interview with Parker Bryson and we discussed the importance of priorities and spending time with supportive people. I chose to interview Parker because he has an interesting outlook on the world and has had experience with different types of people.


Sofia: Hi! Can you please start off by saying who you are?

Parker: Well, my name is Parker Bryson. I’m a student at BHS.

Sofia: How are you doing today, Parker? And what was one of the best parts of your day?

Parker: I’m doing quite well on this fine evening. A cherishable moment from today was devouring Chipotle with my girlfriend and gazing into her gorgeous eyes.

Sofia: That sounds very nice. I’m glad you had a good day! I was wondering if I could get your perspective on priorities and spending time with supportive people. Would you mind if I ask you a few questions? 

Parker: Well, I mean truthfully, I feel as if it all depends on what your priorities are specifically and how spending time with that supportive person benefits you. Throw all of the questions you have at me. I’ll hit them all out of the park. 

Sofia: Well you read my mind. Firstly, what would you say are your top priorities?

Parker: At the moment, I feel as if my top priority is to make sure my girlfriend is happy and making sure she grows up to be an even stronger independent woman. My second top priority would definitely be school. I take lots of notes throughout the day to make sure I succeed through school and have resources to refer back to. My third biggest priority would definitely be my job. I work over at Woodman’s in North Aurora, pushing carts. 

Sofia: It sounds to me like you have a really good head on your shoulders. You seem to know exactly what is important to you. Out of those priorities, what is your #1? (If you had to pick and why?)

Parker: Being the big-hearted person that I am, I am 10,000,000,000% certain that I would go with making my girlfriend happy and making sure she grows up to be an independent person. There are a lot of people in this world that will judge me for that decision. People ask me “why don’t you go hang with friends?” They will even go as far as asking me “Dude, are you okay? You seem off” when truthfully my mindset is just already prepped for the future and for great and bad things that are going to be thrown at me. When you genuinely feel connected to your girlfriend, future wifey, your best friend. All you want to do is give that person all you have so you can see them happy by your side. It’s truly astonishing. 

Sofia: Wow, that sounds so special. Do you think you spend time with people who share your same priorities?

Parker: I would say yes. I tend to spend time with people who share the same priorities as me, but then again if their priorities are different, I’m not going to judge them. 

Sofia: That sounds like a mature way to go about things. What do you do if or when your priorities get out of order?

Parker: Let’s see…if my priorities get out of order I stop myself in time for a few minutes. I close my eyes, take five big deep breaths, and focus on my surroundings. Really focusing on what I can smell and hear until I hear my heartbeat pumping blood throughout my body. I feel all of my muscles relax as I begin to recoup myself and snap back into reality. Taking five more big deep breaths before I make a list/plan about how I’m going to tackle my priorities to get them done efficiently.

Sofia: That seems like a really good strategy! Back to the people, you surround yourself with: do you think you are supported?

Parker: It usually varies between people in all honesty. I like to surround myself with people that are supportive, but on the other hand, if I’m not supported by my close ones, I still thrive because I know what my goals and ambitions are. I definitely won’t let people stop me from succeeding. 

Sofia: I definitely agree with that! What is one priority that you and your friends all share?

Parker: My friends and I all share the motive to be someone great when you’re older. I do think they lack motivation and will not truly succeed unless they decide to start putting forth effort. 

Sofia: It’s good that you want people to grow to be independent. Do your priorities ever overwhelm you? How do you cope with that?

Parker: My priorities don’t always overwhelm me, but on the rare occasion that they do I’ll make time for an intense workout. It really helps to relieve a lot of stress. 

Sofia: Oh nice! Do you workout often?

Parker: I would say I do. If I don’t I start feeling run down and lazy. 

Sofia: Oh ok I get that. That’s good you have something to help you stay on track. Ok, my final question for you: do you think it’s important to spend time with supportive people?

Parker: I definitely do think it’s important to spend time with people that support you and what you value in life. I could see life being pretty difficult if you didn’t have anyone pushing you to better or even to just simply help you with the task at hand. For some people that one supportive person is really what keeps them going throughout the day. Having a supportive person in your life can definitely change it drastically.

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