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Riverside Pizza and Pub: What does Batavia think?

By Drew Page

Batavia is no stranger to small businesses and surprisingly delicious restaurants. Somewhat recently (or at least, as time seems to move slower and slower, feels brand new), however, a new restaurant, born in St. Charles, had a new location pop up within Batavia, a modern, “neighborhood” pizzeria with wings, craft beer, and more. Is it good?

Well, from a few local sources, it would certainly appear so. When asked about the restaurant, local BHS Freshman said the following, 

“I like Riverside because they have such a good eating environment,” said freshman Calder Carrocia.”The food is equal if not better than the atmosphere, and they achieve great pizza and wings.” 

Another freshman, Kristen Hall, had similar regards. 

“I like Riverside because I enjoy their generosity to the community,” Hall said. “They once catered an event of over one hundred high schoolers completely free of charge. The pizzas themselves were also really good.” 

Hall and Calder have similar arguments: Riverside seems to be a generous, inviting place with great food.

Of course, no establishment is without a few kinks. 

“The wait times are always really long because of how popular it is. And they are a bit pricey…” said Elijah Byanski. 

A few people have expressed a similar sentiment, saying how the food is good, but a bit expensive and with very long wait times, due to its popularity and quality.

Well, it appears at least, that Riverside is quite a smash hit, with an impressive 4.6 on Google Reviews and 4 out of 5 on Yelp. So, in conclusion? If you’re in the area, and can handle a bit of a wait and have a bit of cash, enjoy some pizza at Riverside.

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