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REVIEW: Mission Impossible: Fallout falls into my heart

By Josh Tharp Explosions, drama, and high-speed police chases. All elements a good action thriller film should master, and I’d personally say Mission: Impossible- Fallout started off with a suspenseful boom. The acting was great, the music was terrific, and

Zalkus earns Illinois Art Educator of the Year honors

By Josh Tharp With the stroke of a thin bristle brush, many can create a beautiful scenic forest, but to instill creativity in one’s students is an art unto itself. Dawn Zalkus has been teaching for 15 years, both at

Student Behavior at BHS

By Ethan Still and Madison Goldman Walking into Calculus the day after the first test, Ethan nervously fidgeted with his backpack. He approached his desk and readied himself to flip over the face-down paper laying there. Carefully turn it over,

Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B

By Ben Barranco Female rappers have always been seen and rated behind male rappers. Some of the first popular female rappers in the game came around in the 90s with artists such as Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, and Lil’ Kim,

Schlenker: Teamwork makes the dream work

By Lucy Lisberg and Isabella Brooks The wind in her hair, the redness forming on her face, the competition quickly trailing behind her. These are all types of obstacles that challenge cross country runner, Katrina Schlenker, but she said the

Firnbach makes impact through class, extracurriculars

By Anna Laurich and Maddy Misiura At Batavia high school, teachers are not just involved in mainstream classes. Ms. Firnbach is involved with students at Batavia. Firnbach is an Algebra teacher, a Cross Country coach at the middle school, a

Batavia, Geneva renew rivalry in 100th game

By Josh Bode and Andrew Nelson Two high schools separated by 3.2 miles. A rich 105-year history. 99 football games played between these two schools. Many student-athletes, adrenaline pumping, are ready to take the field for the biggest game of

The Importance of BHS student ambassadors

By Matt Gorlewski Meet BHS Students Olivia Murchie and Chris Theros. These two both were both appointed by the BPS101 Board of Education to hold the position of student ambassador- what that means, is that they both speak on students

NAHS student drawing a future for themselves

By Sadie Busch and Rachel Ross National Art Honors Society is a program to present strong artists here in the school. Batavia High School students take great gratification in their art and put in lots of effort to finish a

Anything but fabric

By Abby Skirmont and Josh Tharp A shiny tinfoil gown with accents of recycled newspaper flows across the body of a model and sitting atop her silken black hair, a tiara made of thin plastic wires forming a small heart