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Students work together to create an ‘outdoor classroom’

By Mia Wells and Morgan Haug Ever question the school’s lack of bio diverse landscape? This year BHS is making a change to the campus to benefit students and the environment. This school year, Batavia High School teachers, Donna Detrick

Unique things in Chicago

By Mia Wells Our nearby city, Chicago, on Lake Michigan, is one of the most famous cities in the world. Known for its amazing architecture, history, sports teams, museums, and of course all of its Chicago-style food. With only a

What social media is better?

The students at Batavia High School voted on whether Instagram or Snapchat is a better social media. By a wide margin of 85 percent to 15 percent Snapchat is the better social media in the eyes of the high school

Best entertainment in 2018

By Samantha Lewis The year 2018 has been a wild year for entertainment. Hundreds of movies, albums, and songs have come out and have had a huge effect on the world. Everyone has a different opinion on which were the

FEATURE: Schlenker hurdling one goal after another

By Mary Shields Sabrina Schlenker hears the crowd cheering as she waits for the running mark. When she begins her event she can feel the wind on her face as she sprints to be the first one to leap over

FEATURE: Lollapalooza is a popular event for a reason

By Joanna Garcia The excitement running through your body as your in line is surreal. The security line seems so long, everyone is looking at each other admiring each other’s creative outfits.  Girls have different colored glitter falling down their

Johnson makes his mark as a sophmore

By Savaughn Anderson Jan. 5, 2018: It’s game-day for the Batavia Bulldogs basketball team. The gym is full, a sellout crowd for the team’s matchup against St. Charles East. The aroma from the popcorn fills up the gym´s air. The

How-To: Wire Rings

Cass Norville Jewelry is credited to have begun with Ancient Egyptian legends like Cleopatra. The Egyptians would use jewelry to show social class or just to add a little flair to each outfit. One of the most popular features of

How to remake a doll

By Lilika Suzuki Dolls just reminds me of my childhood. In the young age, at least once there must been a doll colored with a sharpie and the kids will say “I gave her/him a makeup.” Dress a male doll

FEATURE: LaSalle makes name for herself through triathlons

By Katie Cole Imagine plunging into a freezing pool, lake, or river and then swimming almost a half mile. After that, you bike 12 miles along winding, uneven roads. All of this is followed by a grueling 5K run under