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Opinion: Should you get the Covid-19 vaccine?

By Francesca White There has been a lot of controversy about the COVID-19 vaccine and whether people should get it or not. While there are many concerns about it, people should get the vaccine because of all the benefits that

OPINION: Should schools open back up?

By Drew Page Ever since late March or early April of 2020, schools have been closed down, to half-open, to closed again. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least. Not to mention the laundry list of other problems we’ve

OPINION: BHS should add leadership classes

By Sofia Bellafiore There are many classes offered at Batavia High School that give students the opportunity to learn things that they enjoy.  Classes like art, graphics, or marine biology are electives that center around an individual’s interests, and they

OPINION: Why dress codes belong in history books, not the student handbook

By Emma Kilburg Every year as spring rolls around comes a few things: seasonal allergies, outdoor gatherings galore, and another string of teenage girls getting dress coded in school. This year has been no different; already, many girls at BHS

OPINION: Cliques in schools should be recognized; differences aren’t to be looked down upon

By Sofia Bellafiore There is a stigma in high school that puts each individual student in a category.  Instead of celebrating their differences, students are shown that setting themselves apart from the norm is something to be ashamed of.  There

OPINION: Animals are companions not lab experiments

By Katherynn Ramirez Thousands of people believe that animal testing has long since disappeared, but it’s much worse now than it has ever been. Animals are companions, they shouldn’t be abused by scientists and kept in laboratories for such long

OPINION: States shouldn’t have opened too soon

By Amanda Schmelder Recently states have started opening up fully, such as lifting masks mandates in public places and opening up businesses at full capacity. Some states started lifting restrictions, like opening up restaurants, last summer when the risk of

Social Media: How does it impact teens and preteens?

By Emily Newburn Students are getting phones at increasingly younger ages. A new study from Common Sense Media, an organization that works to advise parents about safe technology for kids, shows that 53 percent of kids own a smartphone by

OPINION: Half days should stay at BHS

By Sofia Bellafiore This school year at Batavia High School has allowed students to only complete half days.  This new schedule is ideal because it allows students to have the rest of the day to either reach out to teachers

OPINION: Mental health days should be given to high school students

By Emily Newburn There have always been high expectations for high school students to maintain diligence with their assignments and school performance and pressure to manage the social aspect of going to school daily. In recent years, the problem is