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Quiz: Where is your perfect vacation spot?

What is your perfect vacation destination?   What temperature would you rather have it be outside? 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit 70 degrees Fahrenheit Willing to withstand any temperature   What would you rather walk on? Sand Grass Pavement

Fall Crossword Puzzle

By Abby Skirmont

Winter crossword puzzle

By Abby Skirmont

Top 5 fun Fall Festivities

By Venessa Plourde Fall is here! These are five must-do activities to kick off this season the right way! These easy and affordable festivities are sure to help you and your friends enhance this beautiful season. 1.) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice

Podcast: New, upcoming movies to look check out

Top five weirdest trends from 2016-2018

By Rachel Ross Around the world, there are many different challenges that have swept the nation. From eating soap to inhaling cinnamon, there are many crazes that have been for the good or bad benefit of the health of kids

Taking a look at Batavia’s newest restaurant, The Crabby Boil

By Derek Bex Crab Boils can be found in many different regions across of the country. It’s a regional influence that dictates the ingredients and in Louisiana, it is common for crab boils to contain an abundance of crab, shrimp,

Survey: Which of the four major fall sports is most popular at BHS?

By Lauren Aiken Do you like sports? Even better, do you like fall sports? In a few weeks, all four major sports will be competing. Here is what the BHS student body enjoys most. Out of the MLB, NFL, NHL,

Top ten things to get in the cafeteria

By Stana Burke Do you never know what to get in the cafeteria? Or are you just tired of getting the same things? Well, this top 10 list gives you some options to choose from! Meals/Sides Bistro Burger~ This is

Top five untrue stereotypes

By Samantha Lewis Over the course of time, stereotypes have developed and applied to people. They can be based on your appearance or your personality. Here are the top five stereotypes that are not true. Blondes are dumb In many