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Batavia Boys Lacrosse Season Update

By Trey Hickman

The Batavia Boys Lacrosse team is currently 2-5 having their five losses against Lyons Township, Wheaton North, Lock Lort, South Elgin, and Wheaton-Warrenville South.

The team’s two wins come from Marmion and Crystal Lake South. 

The top contributors on this team include the players with the highest amount of goals on the team and or most turnovers. Defensive man Jack David has caused by far the most turnovers on defense. Jack David has successfully many times forced the ball to come out of someone’s stick and cause it into a turn over. Aiden Tut, Griffin Robertson, and Mitch Grometer have all been top contributors to the scoring on this team putting the most goals up.

Batavia’s Boys Lacrosse is currently ranked 74th in Illinois according to along with 4th in the conference with the lacrosse team going 0-2 in conference. The head of the conference being Wheaton North (3-0), Wheaton Warrenville South (3-1), Geneva (2-1), Batavia (0-2), and St.Charles North (0-4). 

The Boys Lacrosse team will face their town rival Geneva on Monday April 22nd 2024. Last year when these two teams played there was a lot of heat on the field between both the teams players with them going back and forth trash talking each other.  Returning players such as Charlie Sulivian and Finn Drohan when asked about if they felt like the tensions were high between Geneva and Batavia. “Yes I feel the tensions between the two schools are very high, last year there was a lot of tension between the two schools.” said Charlie. “Last year when we played this team they had alot to say to us on the field and were trash talking most the game.” The final score of last year’s game between the two was 9-5 Batavia winning and Geneva Loosing. Another rivalry of Batavia that’s sparked up is St.Charles North. Batavia will be playing them March sixth 2024 There was trash talking and tension between the players last year but not nearly as much as Geneva. Batavia won last year’s game against SCN 4-3.

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