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Space technology advancing rapidly

By Allison Pumo Space technology has come a long way since the first man in space, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, in 1961. The flight was only 1 hour and 48 minutes. Shortly after, the first American, Alan Shepard, went to space.

Q&A: Schindlbeck ‘wants the best you can offer’ in class

By Sara Nolasco For the past 18 years, Andrea Schindlbeck has been teaching Two-Dimensional Art, Graphics, and both Photography I and Photography II. She has helped her students in Photography I see the world in a new way as they

Would You Survive a Nuclear Bomb Striking the U.S.?

Many Hawaii citizens and vacationers awoke to a scary situation on Saturday, January 13. Their phones, televisions and radios displayed a message some wish to only see in a nightmare. The message stated that a ICBM missile was headed for

Why Walmart loses $3 billion a year on theft

Walmart loses a lot of money each year to theft, close to $3 billion a year in theft. There are many reasons that this can possibly happen. One major reason that this can take place is that they have door

REVIEW: Are you are player or watcher?

By Brooke Meyer The movie Nerve,  which was released in theaters July 27, is a mystery/crime film. The idea of the movie is almost like truth or dare but with a twist. The movie was based around a shy high

Ways to deal with moving to a new school

By Emily Risner Moving to a new school can be very difficult for many people. It is tough to leave friends behind and not know anyone from their new school.  Students that are transferring to new schools and a new

8 ways that makes high school better than middle school

By Chloe Patterson High school tests your social, physical, mental, and emotional abilities all throughout the span of roughly four years. These years seem to go by super fast and really slow all at once. From the few things my

Quiz on Broadway Musicals

By Erika Knutson Test your knowledge on Broadway Musicals. Fill in the blanks with the missing words from the song. Also try to name which musical the song is from and or the name of the song. Questions Something has

Top 10 movies of 2015

2015 was a big year in movies, from big blockbusters to quirky, independent films the movie industry grew leaps and bounds. The following is a list of the top ten movies of 2015. All of these films are wildly entertaining

Mad Libs

Santa Every year, a big man in a red     Article of clothing        decides whether or not you have been    Adjective     or   Adjective   this year. His name is Santa! If you are   Adjective, Santa will bring you    Plural Noun.    But if