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Cheerleaders not cheering

By Rachel Ross When high schoolers think Friday nights, they think bright lights, roaring crowds, and peppy cheerleaders. That became a reality this year as cheerleaders are not making the trip to away games to cheer on the football team. 

Q&A featuring a Winona State commit, Ava Sergio

By Morgan Haug Batavia High School varsity basketball player Ava Sergio has planned to pursue her basketball career in college. This is insight on Ava’s past and future basketball seasons.   Q: What influenced your decision to commit to Winona

Batavia football team’s time to shine in NBC ‘Drive’

By Morgan Haug and Mia Wells The NBC Sports Chicago Drive has chosen to follow Batavia High School football this year, meaning NBC Sports will be involved throughout Batavia’s practices, games, and major highlights. The “Drive” is a Chicago sportscast

Students prep for fun-filled week of school spirit

By Morgan LaSalle and Venessa Plourde Batavia High School is hosting its annual Homecoming week Sept. 17-22. The theme this year is “vacation across the nation.” Through the week, students will participate in many activities that will put them in

The financing behind Batavia High School sports programs

By Josh Bode and Andrew Nelson Batavia High School has seen its share of athletic success in recent years. The football program took home a 6A and 7A championship trophy both coming in the last 5 years, with the most

Q&A: Meyers hopes to fill Cooper’s shoes

By Mia Wells After backing up Riley Cooper last season, Jack Meyers was named the starting quarterback for the BHS football team this fall. Playing sports since he was six years old, Meyers has learned a lot, made memories, grown

Survey: BHS Students Favorite Season

By Macie Rummel There are many different seasons and all are liked by many people. After taking a poll of 70 people and finding out the diversity of people and what season they liked these are the results.

Survey: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts

A tough controversy came upon the students and staff of BHS. Do they prefer Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? After asking exactly 100 people, it was found that the majority chose Dunkin Donuts.

Poll: Stress getting you down?

School is naturally stressful, some classes are harder than others for students. In this survey, it asks the level of stress one feels when at school, what grade they are in, and what class is most stressful for them.

An Inside Look Into the Smaller Sports at Batavia High School

By Lucy Lisberg and Isabella Brooks When people think of high school sports, there are a lot of teams that most likely don’t come to mind. There is a wide variety of sports at BHS that, according to the players,