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The COVID vaccine: The real experience from a real patient

Recently, many have been encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, as an effort to, of course, maintain nationwide safety and finally retain some form of normality. While some have a negative opinion on the injection, the vast majority of the

All about Sydney Short’s artistic journey

By Katherynn Ramirez 2020 and 2021 have been full of paint spills, blurry brush strokes, and gloomy colors but many have come out on top as artists of the week. Sydney Short has showcased her artwork and holds the title

AP Exams in 2021: Is it worth it?

By Emily Newburn and Emma Kilburg “A… no, it’s got to be C, or maybe D. At least I know it can’t be E, unless… maybe it is.” This has been and will be the internal monologue of thousands of

News: What will graduation look like for seniors in 2021?

By Emily Newburn On Wed., May 26, the class of 2021 will be able to celebrate their graduation all together, outdoors at Northern Illinois University.  Last year, 2020 graduates had no idea that their graduation wouldn’t be anything close to

NEWS: Batavia prom an opportunity for normalcy for ’21 graduating class

This year, at Batavia High School, it was known that prom would be cancelled for the second year in a row due to the Covid-19 restrictions put into place.  Instead of putting it off again, student council created an event

NEWS: BHS returning to in-building learning

By Hailey Adams With CDC guidelines changing, it accommodates schools to let children go in full time. School schedules and rules have been changed and put in place. With only two months left of school, it is a big change.

Q&A with “The Theory of Relativity” cast member Erin McLauglin

By Emma Kilburg The BHS 2021 musical “The Theory of Relativity,” filmed and made into a movie for the first time ever, will be premiering through a livestream at 7:30 on Fri., April 16 and 23. The cast and crew

Ways to stop procrastinating

By Amanda Schmelder Procrastinating is normal, many people do it. But there are a couple of different ways that might help to stop procrastinating and improve productivity. The first step is to recognize you are procrastinating. Then you can find

NEWS: What do people think about going back to school full time?

By Emma Kilburg Shortly before spring break, the Batavia school district announced that students would be going back to school full time, with an option to stay full remote, and the response was very mixed. Some thought this decision was

News: BPS101 receives federal Covid grant

By Sofia Bellafiore Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Batavia Public Schools was awarded a grant of $1.13m in relief funding. This will be the second funding package to be approved by federal lawmakers, a package that was approved in December