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Feelin’ fruity

By Ben Barranco Fruits are some of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can eat. They are sweet and act as a great dessert. Not only are they a great food, but they offer numerous health benefits that are

OPINION: Batavia’s busted bathrooms

By Ben Barranco and Emma Kielion Bathrooms are a necessity everywhere you go. You would think in a school where children spend an average of seven hours a day, the bathrooms would be cleaner and more accessible. Surprisingly, they almost

REVIEW: Urban Outfitters new cosmetic brand ‘Ohii’ perfect for everyone

Urban Outfitters just released a new cosmetic brand, Ohii, and it deserves all the rave. Ohii is perfect because its natural products give the “no makeup” effect, but when used to a preferred amount, it can create a full glam

Ten expensive items that are worth the money

Ten expensive items that are worth the money Not many items are worth spending a lot of money on, but these ten items are definitely worth the money and high price tags. 1. AirPods Not only are they very convenient

What happens to dead bodies?

By Salome Fogleman Most people do not like talking about death, or their dead body, but everyone will eventually die, which makes it important to talk about what will happen to you. After your death, there are several options for

Ten reasons to join cross country

By Nwe Win Have you ever been lost and confused on what sports you should join at school? Well, I’ve got the perfect spot for you. You should join the Cross Country team because there are so many benefits and

Top five makeup products to wear to school

By Madeline Misiura Wearing makeup to school can be such a hassle in the morning when you want an extra 30 minutes to sleep in. Girls wear makeup to school for many reasons, a cute boy, a class presentation, a

Survey: How have your allergies been lately?

By Stana Burke

OPINION: Fashion industry exploits everyone to make large profits

By Salome Fogleman Without thinking, people are constantly buying new clothes that are designed to last only a short period of time. The Guardian said that fast fashion is the high rate of fashion consumption fueled by the quantity of

Men’s fall fashion essentials

By Matt Gorlewski   Soon, the days of summer will be behind us. Gone will be the days of just t-shirts and shorts. Those who love to layer are in luck. Fall, being the most fashionable season, is a perfect