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Five ways to start achieving year-old goal of getting healthier during quarantine

By Emma Kilburg Most people made some kind of health goal during early quarantine, and whether the goal was to lose weight, eat more vegetables, or workout more, very few people actually achieved it. At the recent one-year anniversary of

NEWS: Teachers, district prepare for Covid-19 vaccines

By Amy Bleakley and Mason Kruse Since the start of Covid-19, American citizens have been patiently waiting for the vaccine’s arrival. In the month of December, the first few distributions of the vaccine were made to front line health care

How the Covid lockdown impacted fashion trends

By Ashley Marcukaitis and Courtney Houser This pandemic has influenced fashion trends and the clothing industry in numerous ways. During quarantine, people turned to new fashion trends due to a lack of socialization. This led people to ditch their usual uncomfortable,

Environmental changes that happened during quarantine

By Leah Monroy In March of 2020, quarantine hit everyone. Kids and adults had to stay home to prevent getting the new virus Covid-19. Quarantine means strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. Everyone was advised to stay

OPINION: JB Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order isn’t as bad as you think

By Alli Perez The coronavirus spread rapidly and grew out of control before we knew it. The first COVID-19 case dates back to Nov. 17 in China, eventually spreading to the US where it has now surpassed a million cases.

OPINION: BHS should require vaccinations

By Aubrey Rupp In Illinois, only 9 percent of schools have 100 percent of students who are vaccinated, and Batavia High School is not one of them. At BHS every student who goes here should have all of their vaccinations.

How the anti-vaccination movement has caused the spread of measles

By Aubrey Rupp The Anti-vaccination movement began in the mid-1800s when the smallpox vaccine was introduced. Some people chose not to vaccinate their children because of the potential risks that they felt vaccines could impose on them. Ever since then,

Feelin’ fruity

By Ben Barranco Fruits are some of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can eat. They are sweet and act as a great dessert. Not only are they a great food, but they offer numerous health benefits that are

OPINION: Batavia’s busted bathrooms

By Ben Barranco and Emma Kielion Bathrooms are a necessity everywhere you go. You would think in a school where children spend an average of seven hours a day, the bathrooms would be cleaner and more accessible. Surprisingly, they almost

REVIEW: Urban Outfitters new cosmetic brand ‘Ohii’ perfect for everyone

Urban Outfitters just released a new cosmetic brand, Ohii, and it deserves all the rave. Ohii is perfect because its natural products give the “no makeup” effect, but when used to a preferred amount, it can create a full glam