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Colors cognitively impacting individual’s conscience

By Rudy A. Mix Color. There are near infinite variations of an infinite array of things that gives life. One sees it everywhere, every day. But does that person really pay attention to it? Do they see how it affects

Interesting makeup selections

By Lilika Suzuki There are various types of makeup in life and girls and some boys chase after the trend. Mostly makeup is a practical way to look better or maybe just for fun. Nowadays, makeup has become better than

OPINION: The negative effects of caffeine on students

By Julianna Tassi As the end of the school year approaches, stress levels rise in students. Staying up to work past midnight becomes typically necessary in order to finish assignments. Oftentimes in these late hours, kids will turn to caffeine

Poll: How much would you spend on a prom dress?

By Emma Exon Prom is an exciting time for any high schooler. But even though it may be a night to remember, it’s also a night filled with expenses. With the average girl spending around $1100 on prom night, every

OPINION: Your views or your health?

By Rudy A. Mix So many people know the feeling all too well. Getting up, only to find that they are sick. Yet, something is different this time, something much more atrocious than a normal disease has overtaken them. Even

Top 10 spring fashion trends

By Mary Shields    Top 10 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends                                        Spring is here and that means new trends will come and old

Beard vs clean shave: what’s the better option

By Alex Richards Many men struggle with the all-important question. should they grow out their beard or continue to keep their face clean and shaved. This question is important to many because it’s a question of how a man should

Put procrastination in prison with processes

By Rudy Mix and Koby Kett We all know the story, one that occurs night after night. A student who has a tremendous amount of work to get done, walks into his room, promising himself to get all the work

Flu ferociously flows through the United States

By Rudy A. Mix   There are many diseases that have plagued schools throughout the 2017-2018 school year and one best watch out for them. However, there have been none as powerful in schools and the United States as the

Molly drug gaining popularity

By Claire Gearhart Sadly taking various kinds of drugs at parties are an epidemic that teenagers and adults alike are participating in. People are not only taking them willingly, some are drugging others. Many people know of drugs like ‘roofie’