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REVIEW: ‘’vsco’’ popular social media platform

By Anna Laurich ‘vsco’ is an app that has been around since 2011 but became popular at the end of 2017. It is a platform that was originally created by Greg Lutez and Joel Flory. The abbreviation stands for Visual

REVIEW: Shovel Knight a unique addition to ‘Rivals of Aether’

By Ethan Still On Aug. 10 Shovel Knight from the game Shovel Knight was announced to be added to the roster of Rivals of Aether as the final DLC (downloadable content) character. For those who have not heard of Rivals

REVIEW: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is humorous

By Nwe Win The novel Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan was brought to life when the film was recently released on Aug. 15. Watching this movie was like a comparison of Cinderella living in the 21st century. This romantic comedy

REVIEW: “Isle Of Dogs” another hit for Anderson

By Salome Fogleman Rating: 4 stars Wes Anderson’s Isle Of Dogs was released on March 23rd, 2018. It comes to life as a very well-done, imaginative stop-motion animation with a unique storyline. The plot is complicated, but all components fit

REVIEW: ‘Ocean’s 8’ a rooting for the bad guys film

By Morgan LaSalle The jeweler, the mom, the hacker, and the fashion designer: Ocean’s 8 encompasses an all-girls team of con artists focused on the goal of stealing a $150 million necklace at the Met Gala. Debbie Ocean, played by

REVIEW: Disney’s heartwarming ‘Coco’ shakes the box office

By Isabella Brooks On Nov. 22, 2017, Disney brought another hit into the box office that created an abundance of revenue. Coco isn’t like the regular movies produced by Disney. It included diverse religion, different family values, and an inside

REVIEW: Urban Outfitters new cosmetic brand ‘Ohii’ perfect for everyone

Urban Outfitters just released a new cosmetic brand, Ohii, and it deserves all the rave. Ohii is perfect because its natural products give the “no makeup” effect, but when used to a preferred amount, it can create a full glam

REVIEW: Skip ‘The Nun’

By Stana Burke The Nun is from the Conjuring franchise, making it the fifth movie they have made. This movie takes place before the Conjuring and Annabelle, which are previous movies from this franchise. The movie starts off with Sister

REVIEW: ‘Christopher Robin’ doesn’t disappoint

By Brandon Thilges We all know the classic Winnie the Pooh, a stuffed bear and his many friends with their human companion Christopher Robin and the crazy adventures they embark on. Well, now we have a new classic that children

REVIEW: 5 Seconds of Summer sells out in latest album

By Kaycee Reyes Ramirez After a three-year hiatus, 5 Seconds of Summer has definitely returned as a different band. They have come a long way from the punk-rock style they started off with. Their music has taken on a more