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REVIEW: Cane’s delivers tasty food

By Aubrey De Guzman Canes, a fairly new restaurant that opened in January of 2020, is going strong as one of the town’s favorites. It can be found on McKee St. in Batavia. Ask anyone, they will tell you Canes

REVIEW: Playstation 5: Spend cash or hard pass?

By Drew Page Late 2020, the newest Sony-brand console, the PlayStation 5, was released. Early feedback was positive, but many complained about actually getting their hands on the product; with so few copies released, and highly increasing (perhaps intentionally) their

‘It Takes Two’ – A love letter to gaming as a media

By Drew Page “It Takes Two” is a video game recently released by Hazelight Studios. It’s a puzzle-platformer with a high emphasis on cooperation, with an original story and very unique gameplay. Compared to other titles released by the controversially

REVIEW: Zach Snyder’s ‘Justice League’: 4 hours well spent?

By Drew Page In late 2017, the film Justice League, produced by Warner Bros and directed by Joss Whedon and Zach Snyder, was released to less-than-stellar reviews. People complained about the abysmal CGI (some of which attached to Henry Cavill’s

Riverside Pizza and Pub: What does Batavia think?

By Drew Page Batavia is no stranger to small businesses and surprisingly delicious restaurants. Somewhat recently (or at least, as time seems to move slower and slower, feels brand new), however, a new restaurant, born in St. Charles, had a

Invincible (Season 1): super hero or super sorrow?

By Drew Page Earlier this year, the first few episodes of Invincible, an animated superhero show on Amazon Prime, were released. Critics were impressed, or about as much as they should have been; the animation was nice, the story was

REVIEW: ‘Swordfish’ one of Batavia’s best

By Aubrey de Guzman Swordfish is a contemporary sushi and grill restaurant that offers a wide and unique selection of sushi and other menu items. Going 17 years strong, the restaurant opened in the spring of 2004. It can be

REVIEW: ‘Tenet’ – a disastrous sensation

By Francesca White Christopher Nolan has directed a number of noteworthy films. Tenet, one of his most recent films, is a perplexing piece of art. The script for the film took over five years to write and had a total

Ranking 5 Seconds of Summer Albums

By Grace Bennett 5 Seconds of Summer has been making music since their first EP came out in 2012. They have continued to make music and tour throughout most of the nine years, with the exception of their small break

REVIEW: ‘Soul’ a family-friendly movie that shouldn’t be missed

By Hailey Adams Soul was a movie that came out in December that portrays a sweet message. The middle school band teacher, Joe, meets a friend named 22 who helps him realize the importance of earth.  With the message behind