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REVIEW: Cane’s delivers tasty food

By Aubrey De Guzman

Canes, a fairly new restaurant that opened in January of 2020, is going strong as one of the town’s favorites. It can be found on McKee St. in Batavia. Ask anyone, they will tell you Canes is worth it. When it comes to the food, service, and dine-in experience, Canes has got it all.

The posters of Elvis Presley and other stars, disco balls, and other decorations create a nostalgic feeling. A Yelp review written by Tori M. says, “They had higher rise tables for people like me. The decorations were whimsical. The disco balls in the ceiling were an awesome touch. The Black velvet Elvis as King with a painted crown over the portrait was a nice touch. You will find Chicago memorabilia as well as Raising Cane’s knick-knacks and emblems throughout the store.” The furniture is suitable for all people while the decor catches everyone’s attention. 

Cane’s has upbeat, efficient, and helpful staff. In the drive-through, there is always an employee saying some sort of catchphrase, rhyme, or just sounding optimistic before taking the order. For example, most of the time I get drive-through they say “Hey hey hey welcome to Canes, how may I help you today?” They are understanding if there is ever a misunderstanding or a mistake in the order. When I was there last time, they accidentally gave me the wrong drink but I wasn’t mad at all. They quickly gave me the right one and apologized. It was a quick fix and they were still very nice about it. Another thing that stood out was how they handled covid-19. All employees were always seen with a mask worn correctly on their faces. As much as everyone wanted dine-in to be open, they stayed closed longer than most restaurants but this just goes to show they take extra precaution. 

“I got The Box Combo which was perfect – four chicken strips, a piece of texas toast, Cane’s sauce (which is to die for!), french fries, coleslaw, and a medium drink for $8.99? You can tell everything was cooked fresh. There were no veins of fat in the chicken and not reheated! Great new find! I will definitely be back here!!” This is a review Michelle I. left on Yelp. My usual order is a Box Combo with lemonade. I substitute the coleslaw with Texas toast. The bread is usually toasted perfectly on both sides and soft on the inside. I completely agree with the Yelp review but recently, the toast has been only toasted on one side while being cold, and the chicken actually looks a little smaller. The fries serving size became smaller, as well, although the taste is still delicious paired with the unique Cane’s sauce. 

I would highly recommend Cane’s to others to try, mainly because of the outstanding employees and tasty food. The great taste and unique sauce make up for the minimalistic menu. I would rate this restaurant a four out of five stars due to the serving sizes becoming smaller. Overall, Cane’s is definitely a must-try in Batavia!

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