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Bored in Batavia? A list of five local cures

By Nicholas Klann

Well, here you are, bored once more. Whether you’re a child telling your parents you’re bored for the thousandth time or an adult looking for a little me-time, these are the top five activities that are guaranteed to cure your boredom.

  1. Browse the Batavia Public Library. There are hundreds if not thousands of books in the Batavia Public Library, so there is a very high chance you’ll find one you love. Search between many genres such as action, mystery, fantasy, crime, non-fiction, and more. Even stop by the fish tank and see how the fish are doing. The Batavia Public Library provides hours of fun for all ages.


  1. Dine out at one of Batavia’s unique restaurants. Batavia has food for all times of the day. For some breakfast or brunch, Bianna’s Pancake House is a perfect choice with its wide variety of foods. Have lunch at Burrito Parrilla Mexicana for a nice, filling meal. For a fancier dinner, dine at Aquaviva. Hungry for a snack? Batavia even has its very own popcorn depot!


  1. Spend time drifting down the Fox River. Batavia offers pedal boat rides downtown during summer. Canoeing and kayaking are also fun ways to pass the afternoon. Don’t let the winter stop you from having fun on the Fox. Ice skating is a great way for one to express themselves, no matter their ability level. 


  1. Learn more about the history of Batavia at the Batavia Depot Museum. Run by the Batavia Historical Society, the Batavia Depot Museum offers a close look at the history of Mary Todd Lincoln, railroad history in Batavia and its surrounding areas, and early settlement in northern Illinois.  


  1. Spend hours at Funway. Roller skating is one of the most popular activities to do at Funway, so grab a friend and skate. Funway is not just for kids; people of all ages can go bowling or play minigolf on the outside course during nice weather. For the kids, there is an arcade full of fun games. Win as many tickets as you can, and spend them on fun prizes like stuffed animals and candy. Funway also hosts birthday parties, so when that time of year rolls around, Funway will be there. In the summer, the outdoor section opens up. There are go-carts, bumper boats, batting cages, and a trampoline that you can shoot baskets in. Funway is the perfect place to be when you are bored.


Whether you know it or not, Batavia is packed with many places that can relieve boredom. Next time you think about telling mom or dad about how bored you are, think twice. These fun places are a perfect adventure on a day off of work or school. Embark on these adventures alone or with a friend. Enjoy what Batavia has to offer.

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