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BHS’ best teacher by department

By Ariana Venecia

Not necessarily based on teaching ability

English: Cassandra Castro

Mrs. Castro is easily the best English teacher to have. Especially since she teaches English 1, and makes you feel accepted to the school as a freshman, makes her classroom a fun and welcoming place, and sets the bar for English teachers high. She is silly and fun and even now, I still go back to her classroom to visit and catch up as often as I can. 

History: Tom Shields

I will take no criticism for this placement, just as there is absolutely no criticism for this teacher. Hands down, Mr. Shields is the funniest, kindest, and most amazing teacher here. I am absolutely devastated to leave his class, as I looked forward to his block every day. I might be ill-prepared for the AP exam, but he is an absolute dream to have as a teacher and an all-time favorite.

Math: Alexander Benters

Never before have I met a teacher who cares so much about their students, who is as fun and wacky, and who loves their job as much as Mr. Benters does. Every single day in his class is fun, new, and different. No matter what math class you might be taking, you should always hope for Benters as your teacher. He may be wild, but he is truly the best.

Science: Timothy Debruycker

As controversial as it may be, Mr. Debruycker is my pick from the science department as the best teacher. The sheer amount of tennis balls and rulers he has thrown should win him this spot alone, but on top of that, he made AP Physics (the worst class I’ve ever taken) somewhat bearable, and at times, possibly even fun. He may be scary at times, but overall a good experience.

Foreign Language: Jamie Janotta

I understand that she isn’t a teacher here anymore. However, she is so smart and fun and I truly enjoyed her class so much. She felt more like a friend than a teacher, and let us get hot chocolate from the library if we finished our work. Even though she isn’t here anymore she is still the school’s best language teacher, and I am so sorry to everyone who didn’t get her as a teacher.

Athletic: Corey Landers

I have little to no solid reasoning for this placement. It just simply makes sense. Landers is a fun and relatable teacher who keeps you hyped up in the gym. He is also just an all-around nice person, who deserves the world and like, a bunch of chocolate-covered strawberries.  Whether you have him as a teacher or a coach, be prepared for the most fun semester.

Arts: Jennifer Carpenter

Ms. Carpenter manages to make her classroom feel safe for every one of her students. She is fun, charismatic, and relaxed, and she is one of the only teachers who genuinely cares about each and every one of her students and dedicates herself to them individually. If you’re looking for a teacher to be your best friend, Mr. Carpenter is your gal.

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