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REVIEW: An area tapas restaurant that should not be missed

By Olivia Gebhardt

If someone is looking for some Latin-infused fun, look no further than these hidden gems in the most unlikely locations, Altiro restaurants. Altiro has a unique and beautiful style in their food that is shown in execution and taste.

Altiro is a Latin fusion restaurant in Geneva, Wheaton, and Aurora. Latin fusion is a type of food that combines the traditional Mexican dishes but adds a spin on the technique. Altiro has many drinks for adults and children with amazing tacos and astounding appetizers.

The restaurant is a family-local business that gets its food from local places and has “farm to table” food. All of Altiro’s meat is free of hormones and comes from grass-fed animals. In addition, Altiro’s drinks have sweeteners that have agave-based nectar, to add the extra kick in their drinks. Altiro has an array of foods for everyone with their gluten-free and vegan options. The chef is Chef Roberto Avila has exquisite technique and puts his heart into all of their food and drinks.

Altiro serves tons of mouth-watering appetizers from guacamole to seasoned roasted potato wedges with sunny side eggs, a signature Latin appetizer with a twist. Altiro also has a plethora of soups and salads that are Mexican classics. Altiro has a wide selection of tacos and tapas for everyone.

In addition, Altiro has the type of food where when an order is placed there are four tacos that can be shared with the rest of the table. So one can get many orders of an assortment of tacos and divide them up with the group, or keep them all to themselves.

Moreover, tapas are a Spanish snack and are one of the big categories under Altiro’s menu. Some of the tapas that Altiro has are Prince Edward Island mussels, seasoned skirt steak tacos, and lemon herb chicken with poblano creamy sauce. Altiro also has an arrangement of specials with all types of tapas and tacos every week. Altiro also has deals such as Taco Tuesday, Tapas Thursday, and Fish Friday with all types of bargains.

Altiro also has a coffee shop in Wheaton with many non-dairy options, espresso, and all types of coffee flavors. The food options at the coffee shop include paninis, salads, soup, and daily muffins that are worth the drive.

The interior of all of the restaurants is so delightful because the wife of the main chef, Erika Villanueva, is an interior designer and special events, coordinator. The prices may be a little expensive and it has two dollar signs on the Yelp reviews, but it is completely worth it.

Furthermore, the Daily Herald Food Editor puts it best when they said “small plates burst with bold flavors”. Even Chicago Food Magazine and Chicago Tribune wrote about Altiro. Best Things Illinois voted Altiro as number two on the list for best fusion places in Illinois.

Altiro has a review of 4.6 stars on Yelp, but it really deserves a five. The restaurant is a small local business supporting other small local businesses and has all-natural ingredients. Altiro has an eccentric look and taste about their food that is one of a kind taste.

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