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REVIEW: Disney’s ‘Encanto’ is an incredible watch

By Mackenzie Corcoran

Disney has been giving generations of kids fun and sentimental movies, and its newest movie is a great addition to Disney’s collection. Encanto is an incredible watch for not just children, but for everyone who wants a heartwarming story about family.

Encanto is a movie following the main character Mirabel and her family that all have magical powers given to them by their home, Casa Madrigal. The house ended up giving everyone a power except for Mirabel. However, the magic of the house is in danger and Mirabel might be the last hope.

One of the main things that really stands out in this movie is the characters, specifically the female ones. All of the main female characters have fleshed-out personalities and they aren’t all cliches. Luisa is especially a focal point, having the power of strength and having visible muscles drawn. That is not something you see every day in a female Disney character. While Luisa is strong, she is also shown expressing her emotions and showing that it is okay to be vulnerable. Her duality is great and very refreshing, especially from Disney.

While all of the characters are great, the movie also has amazing songs. The soundtrack of Encanto, written by Lin Manuel Miranda, doesn’t have a bad song in it. From intense and relatable songs like “Surface Pressure,” to slow, meaningful songs like “Dos Orguitas,” all of the songs fit perfectly in the movie and really elevate characters and their moments. One song in particular has been fervently talked about. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a song about their lost uncle, Bruno, who they say they can’t talk about. They then proceed to talk about him for about three minutes. Besides the ironic title, the song is fun and very addicting. As well as being a viral sound on TikTok, it went number one on the Billboard charts during the week of February 5.

Along with the characters and songs, the animation of this movie is second to none. It has beautiful colors in its background, really encapsulating that Colombian feel and making it fun to watch. The details within the characters and Casa Madrigal are very impressive, as well. The characters are all drawn to look very different from each other and have distinct features. Even with that, they all still look like a family. Another impressive thing about the animation is the different hair textures. I think it’s important that they didn’t give everyone perfect, straight hair like most Disney characters, but most of them have varying degrees of curly hair. With all of that together, the characters look absolutely stunning along with the background of the movie.

Encanto has something for everyone to watch, young and old. The message of family and accepting yourself for who you are is very empowering. From great songs to interesting characters and wonderful animation, this is a movie that you will not regret watching.

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