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Top 5 things for your staycation

By Evie Lopez

As spring break is approaching some of us will not travel out of state. For those of us who will not be traveling but still want to go and explore, here is a list of some spots to go and explore. From the city to the woods here are some ideas and destinations to go and enjoy over your spring break.

Number 5: Visit Chicago’s Museums 

It is no surprise why going to Chicago is on the list. The city is around an hour away and has many sights and things to see and do, from museums about the past to modern technology, from illusions and science. Chicago has many museums to visit and here is a small list of museums to visit: The Museum of Science and Industry, The Field Museum, Museum of Illusions, Chicago Sports Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, and many more to go explore. 

Number 4: Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo

From A to Z, going to the zoo brings an alphabet of animals to see and learn about. The Lincoln Park Zoo is the place to go and see thousands of animals from all over the world. The zoo is still one of the last zoos in America that still does fee admissions. Go visit the lions, pet the penguins, and hang around on the carousel. Go and enjoy the zoo over your spring break as it will cost you nothing to go and walk around.

Number 3: Starved Rock State Park

Going to a state park like Starved Rock is a wonderful experience. Go for a walk on flowery trails, look at the collection of waterfalls, and look for all kinds of wildlife. Starved Rock will also allow for you to take your furry companion along the trails with you so your furry companion can enjoy the great outdoors, also. Much like Lincoln Park Zoo, no cash is needed to enter and enjoy the sights. 

Number 2: The Morton Arboretum 

It would not be a Spring Break unless flowery gardens are involved. The Morton Arboretum is a wonderful spot for plant lovers. With over 200,000 plants and birds, as well. With a library to go to and the visitor center within reach, the Morton Arboretum is a place to go and learn on your own terms and maybe come home with the knowledge to finally keep your plants alive. 

Number 1: Willis Tower

If you go to Chicago you might want to see Chicago from above. Go visit Willis Tower where the tower staggers at 1,450 feet where thrill-seekers can go and see the wind city from above. Go to the sky deck where on clear days you can see four different states from the horizon, but on rainy days, you can marvel at the tops of clouds. 

Those are five things to do over your staycation, from the bottom to the top, go and visit some of these locations. Enjoy your spring break and I hope you visit some of these locations and that your spring break is a marvelous time. Take a break and recover, enjoy your break and have fun. Stay safe.

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