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Top 5 interesting things about Japan

By Reina Manabe

  1. Toilets
    Japan has the best toilets in the world. They have a variety of high technology functions.
    First, when you walk into a bathroom, a Japanese smart toilet will happily greet you by opening the lid automatically. Right next to the toilet, you will see various strange buttons that you probably have never seen outside of Japan. After you are welcomed by the toilet, you will be surprised how the toilet seat is comfortably heated. Going back to the topic of strange buttons, what are they for? They are the buttons that control the functions of washing bottom, dryer, the sound or music produced to cover any noise you may make while using the toilet, and so on. You can adjust the temperature and intensity of heated seats and showers, too.
  2. Trains in Tokyo
    Have you experienced overcrowded trains before? To get to the point, trains in Tokyo are extremely crowded during rush hour. Japan has counted all the available seats and the number of straps standing passengers can hold onto on a train and called that the standard, 100 percent capacity. Then, they compare that to the number of people actually on the train during rush hour. The most crowded rail line in all of Japan is actually a subway line, and it is 199 percent, which means excessively overcrowded. Surprisingly, the rail line was actually the one that I use every day to go to school. Especially when I use trains in the morning, which is during rush hour, it is horrible. You can’t move and will get squashed.
  3. Cleaning duty of students
    It is normal that there are some janitors at school and they clean the schools in this country, but it is the opposite in Japan. In Japan, however, students clean school by themselves from elementary school to high school. Cleaning one’s own classroom and school is a part of their school education. Japanese students view keeping their school clean as a part of their life and culture and don’t dislike the work. Why does Japan follow this cleaning practice? Their motto is that when you use a particular space, it is natural that you are responsible for leaving the space clean. This motto helps students learn the importance of cleanliness and responsibility which results in learning life skills.
  4. Animal cafes
    An animal cafe is a place where animals are kept free and you can pet them as much as you like while drinking coffee and eating sweets. Most common animal cafes include cats, hedgehogs, dogs, and micropigs. Unlike American people, not many Japanese people keep their pets at home, so these types of cafes have been popular in Japan.
  5. Capsule hotels
    What did you imagine when you read this word? A capsule hotel is a unique Japanese accommodation that provides a simple bed. They have only space for one adult, installing lighting and a small television. What kind of people would use these small hotels? In the past, capsule hotels were often used by businessmen who had missed the last train, however, since they are inexpensive, students and people who want to travel cheaply also use them often these days.
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