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REVIEW: Limestone Coffee and Tea delivers great drinks and food and a cozy atmosphere

by Ellie Carter

Limestone Coffee and Tea is a lovely cafe with delicious beverages and snacks and a cozy, quiet atmosphere. This women-owned small business is located in the middle of downtown Batavia and features a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, juices, steamers, and small breakfast options. This means that even if you aren’t a caffeine lover, you will still enjoy your experience. 

We entered the restaurant and were greeted by a cheerful cashier. Fairy lights and large windows lit the restaurant and acoustic music was playing softly over the speakers. While my dad stayed in line, I went to look at the art prints, some on display, some being sold, and then sat on one of the couches at the front of the shop. Tables, chairs, and other couches lined the cafe, creating plenty of seating. 

My dad and I both ordered seasonal drinks, the English Toffee Latte and Sugar Cookie Latte respectively, while my brother ordered a lemonade. We waited about five minutes for our drinks and paid around $5 or less for each. I wasn’t thrilled by the Sugar Cookie Latte, but the English Toffee Latte exceeded my expectations. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and the caramel flavor paired surprisingly well with that of the coffee.  I had a sip of my brother’s lemonade, which was an excellent combination of tartness and sweetness. Limestone offers an assortment of cold drinks other than lemonade, which will be perfect for the approaching summer months. We, unfortunately, didn’t get anything to eat this time, but I’ve had two of their muffins before and they were delicious. They also have bagels, cookies, and breakfast bars. The breakfast bars and one of the cookies are gluten-free. Limestone also has vegan options in the blueberry muffin and two of the bagels. 

We then sat down at a table for a few minutes to have our drinks. Around us, people were either seemingly working or having hushed conversations. Limestone has free WiFi as well, so combined with the muted noise and ambient music, this makes the cafe an ideal place to focus on your work.

One thing I thought I should mention is how much Limestone contributes to the community of Batavia. Each month, they showcase an artist of the month. They also sell prints from local artists, granting them exposure and profit they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Aside from supporting the art scene in Batavia, Limestone participates in quite a bit of philanthropy. All the proceeds of the Hope Latte go to suicide prevention. Another option is the Pride Drink, an iced tea, whose profits go to Youth Outlook to benefit young members of the LGBTQ+ Community. The fact that Limestone is a small business that has just had to deal with Covid-19 and financial setbacks and is still actively trying to donate so much to charities is something I find to be very respectable. 

Overall, I loved my visit to this charming cafe. Whether you’re a borderline caffeine addict or are just looking for a cute little coffee shop, Limestone Coffee and Tea will deliver.  

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