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By Emma Stoodley, Faith Borre, Paige Blasi

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. is famous for its crowd, headliners, and celebrity sightings in outfits that break the internet. Popular headliners from the weekend included Harry Styles, Giveon, Twenty-One Savage, Pheobe Bridgers, Doja Cat, surprise guest Justin Bieber and many more. This year there was no shortage of wild and out-there outfits as well as some put-together and tame looks. 

Starting off with a more casual look, America’s Got Talent finalist and internet star contortionist Sofie Dossi wore a plain red-tied skirt with a simple white top. We love the matching with her boyfriend Dom Brack (also an influencer)  look, but for Coachella, we think it was bland. We think it would have been better if she and her boyfriend did an inverted look, him having a red top and white shorts or vice versa but it was still a cute look. Overall we give it a 5/10. It could have been way more, but the simplicity was unique for an event like Coachella. 

Kelly Flanagan, a finalist on Peter Weber’s season of the Bachelor, went with a bolder look. She wore a bright pink bandana layered on top of a nude miniskirt and a cropped pink top. The cowboy boots tied the work together and complimented the white dots in her eye makeup. She wore simple jewelry, a few rings, and a dainty necklace, as well as her pass bracelet. Her makeup could have been slightly more eye-catching. Overall this was one of our favorite looks. We give it a 9/10. 

Tik Tok influencer Anna X Sitar brought a more comfy look to the festival, but it was still very well put together. Her earth-toned sweatpants and top were complimented by a green bandana and black GymShark bag. This outfit was very similar to other outfits that she has worn for past events. She usually wears these very neutral-toned outfits. We don’t love the GymShark bag accessory. The dark color and large logo take away from the simplicity and overall tone of her look. It was very well-thought-out, even having earth-tone shoes, but the cross-body fanny pack just feels distracting. Overall this look was a solid 8/10 from us. 

Hannah Godwin, another Bachelor and later Bachelor in Paradise contestant went with a soft and aesthetically pleasing look. She wore a nude mini-skirt with a subtle chain around it. For her top, she wore a floral bodysuit and paired it with a pendant necklace and chunky, gold hoop earrings. She wore light blue eye makeup and had her hair partially pulled back. This was another one of our favorite outfits. It was simple yet very Coachella-like, and there were no distractions in her outfit. Mini-skirts were a very popular Coachella trend this year, with both the Bachelor stars and others wearing them. Godwin did a good job of taking a popular trend and making it her own to show off her personal style. We give Godwin’s look a 10/10. 

Emma Chamberlain, a Streamy award-winning YouTuber, brought a very designer-feeling look. With the gold bodysuit, a unique neckline, and a fanny pack like you’ve never seen before, Chamberlain had a typical Coachella outfit The yellow glasses and gold jewelry complimented the suit beautifully. Her lipstick was almost perfectly matched to the fanny pack and we feel it brought the look together seamlessly. The only critique we have is the neckline. Although this was intended to be a unique look, we think that the neckline isn’t flattering and could have been made differently. Overall we give her look a 9/10. 

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