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 From Curry to Murray: Ranking the Top 10 point guards in the NBA 

By Darian Susic

The point guard is one of the most important positions in basketball. They are the leader of the team, directing the offense, and controlling the defense. The players on this list are the best at this key position. These are the Top 10 point guards in the NBA. 

  1. Stephen Curry-  Curry has continued to assert his dominance this season, averaging 25.5 points per game, 6.5 assists per game, and 4.6 rebounds per game. Also, he is leading the Warriors in points and assists. This season Curry was named to his eighth All-Star Game, winning his first All-Star Game MVP. He led the Warriors to a 53-29 record this season, making them the third seed in the west. Over the past three seasons, Curry has averaged 26.1 points per game. He even took home the scoring crown in the 2020-2021 season, averaging 32.0 points per game. He was named to the All NBA 1st team in that same year. Curry has led the league in three-pointers the past two seasons, a feat he has achieved 7 times in his career. In a game against the New York Knicks on Dec. 14, 2021, Curry hit his 2,974 three, making him the all time leading three-point scorer.  This season Curry was named to the NBA 75th anniversary team, which honored the greatest 75 players in NBA history. 
  1. Ja Morant- Morant is one of the best young stars in the NBA today. He is currently averaging 27.4 points per game, 7.1 assists per game, and 4.5 rebounds per game, leading the Grizzlies in points and assists. The 2022 season was a breakout year for Morant as he made his first All-Star appearance. Currently, the Grizzlies are the two seed in the West at 56-26. Back in the 2019-2020 season, Morant was named rookie of the year also making the all-rookie first team. 
  1. Kyrie Irving- Irving has seen limited minutes in the 2022 season due to his stance on the Covid 19 vaccination, but in the time he has played he has been at his best. This season Irving has averaged 27.4 points per game, 5.8 assists per game, and 4.4 rebounds per game. He is second on the Nets in points and third in assists. Currently, the Nets are the 7th seed in the east at 44-38. Irving has had seven All-Star selections but only one in the past three seasons. He was named to the All-NBA third team in the 2020-2021 season, averaging 27 points per game and six assists per game in that season. 
  1. Chris Paul- Paul is the oldest player on this list at 36, but he is still at the top of his game. This season Paul has averaged 14.7 points per game, 10.8 assists per game, and 4.4 rebounds per game. This makes him third on the Suns in terms of points and first in assists. He even currently leads the NBA in assists for the 2021-2022 season. This season Paul was named to his 12th All-Star Game, his third consecutive selection. Currently, the Suns are the 1 seed in the west with the best record in the NBA at 64-18.  Paul has been named to the All-NBA second team the past two seasons and this season was named to the NBA 75th anniversary team. 
  1. Damian Lillard- Lillard has only played 29 games in the 2021-2022 season due to abdominal surgery he underwent in January. In this time Lillard has averaged 24.0 points per game, 7.3 assists per game, and 4.1 rebounds per game, leading the Trail Blazers in points per game and assists per game. Without Lillard, the Trail Blazers have suffered only going 27-55 and falling to 13th in the west. Lillard, a six-time All-Star, has made the All-Star Game the past two seasons. Also, being named to the All-NBA 2nd team in those years. This season, Lillard was also named to the NBA 75th anniversary team.  
  2. Trae Young- Young is another rising star in the NBA. This season he has averaged 28.4 points per game, 9.7 assists per game, and 3.7 rebounds per game, leading the Hawks in points and assists. Young was named to his second All-Star game this season. Currently, the Hawks are 43-39 making them the eighth seed in the east. In the 2021-2022 season, Young led the league in total points with 2155 and total assists with 737. 
  1. Darius Garland- Garland broke out this season making his first All-Star game in his three-year career. He has averaged 21.7 points per game, 9.6 assists per game, and 3.3 rebounds per game, leading the Cavaliers in points and assists.  Currently, the Cavaliers are the ninth seed in the East at 44-38.
  1. Lamelo Ball- Ball is the fourth-youngest player ever named to an All-Star game at only 20 years old. This season he has averaged 20.1 points per game, 7.6 assists per game, and 6.7 rebounds per game. He led the Hornets in assists and was second in points. The Hornets are currently 43-39 making them the tenth seed in the east. Last season Ball won the NBA Rookie of the Year and was named to the all-rookie first team. 
  1. Fred VanVleet- VanVleet was named to his first All-Star game this season, becoming only the fifth undrafted player to do this. He has averaged 20.3 points per game, 6.7 assists per game, and 4.4 rebounds per game this season, leading the Raptors in assists. The Raptors are currently 48-34 making them the fifth seed in the east. 
  1. Jamal Murray- Murray hasn’t played in the 2021-2022 season due to a torn ACL. Last season Murray averaged 21.2 points per game, 4.8 assists per game, and 4.0 rebounds per game. He was second on the team in points and assists that season. 
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