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REVIEW: The best Batman?

By Darian Susic

Matt Reeves The Batman adds to the caped crusader’s fantastic saga

It is finally here: Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” continues the caped crusader’s fantastic saga. Reeves’s detective noir Batman was a smash hit as it was edgy, suspenseful, and exhilarating. While still exhibiting elements of the previous Batmans, Reeves’ take is a new and exciting twist to the beloved character. 

The Batman follows the story of billionaire Bruce Wayne who moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante by the name of the Batman. In this story Batman must solve complex puzzles set by the story’s main villain: the Riddler. Throughout the plot, he continues to learn more about his family’s past and the truth about Gotham’s elite. 

The Batman is played by Robert Pattison, whose performance as the vigilante is both edgy and powerful. Pattison does a brilliant job exploring the detective side of the Batman character. What makes this Batman different from the rest is that it convinces the audience that Batman is Bruce Wayne’s true identity and the rich snob is his real mask. In Reeves’ take on the character, Bruce Wayne is more of a recluse. This makes the story much more believable than having Bruce Wayne be a popular figure. 

The story’s main villain, the Riddler, is played by Paul Dano. Dano does a fantastic job in this role as he keeps the viewer guessing whether the character is a true mastermind or an unhinged psychopath. This is by far the best performance we have seen when it comes to the Riddler character. Jim Carrey’s silly performance in Batman Forever is nothing compared to the complex serial killer Dano displays. 

As a surprise to most, one of the best performances in this film comes from Colin Farrell in his role as the Penguin. Farrell does an amazing job displaying the character’s cocky and slick personality. The Batman doesn’t have many comedic moments but the Penguin provides slight remarks that keep the audience entertained during the movie. For example when he comments how the Riddler has poor Spanish or calls Batman a rat with wings. 

Finally, the soundtrack of the movie is excellent and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. The movie’s main song is Nirvana’s “Something in the Way.” This song exemplifies the corruption of the Gotham’s elite and adds an uneasy tone to the scenes it is played in. Another song Reeves uses in the movie is Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” This song is perfect for the creepy moments before the riddler’s killings and the intense interrogation between Batman and the Riddler. 

Batman fans were excited to see what Reeves would do in a reboot of the character and he has delivered. This is one of the best Batman movies we have ever seen. Aided by wonderful performances and an amazing soundtrack, Reeves’s Batman saga has the potential to become the greatest Batman of all time. 

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