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Simone Biles’ husband put on blast after saying “I didn’t even know who she was” in recent interview

By Zahra Ahmad

Simone Biles is the most decorated American gymnast in history, some even say she may be the greatest of all time. She competed in her first Olympics at just 19 years old and has won seven Olympic medals since.

Now at 26, she continues to compete in gymnastics. In April of 2023 Biles married NFL player Jonathan Owens. However the internet is outraged after a December interview with the newly-married couple. Simone Biles’ husband was placed on blast due to some of his “boastful” and “bragging” comments. The interviewer, curious about their love story, asked “How in the hell did you pull Simone Biles?” to which he responded “Man, it’s really ‘How’d she pull me?’ “ and “I always say we, the men, are the catch.” Viewers, already agitated, called out his ego and stated that this was a disrespectful comment to make, even more so in front of his wife.

Owens continued to state that he “didn’t know who she was at the time.” instigating even more backlash. Many on social media doubt the truth to these words as it is even more difficult as an athlete himself to be unaware of one of the most famous and decorated athletes.

From Facebook comments to Insta posts, the world seems to be unconvinced. It even resulted in a viral TikTok trend in which individuals would ask others if they knew Simone Biles to which they would say yes, but when asked “Who is her husband?” the majority would reply with blank stares or immediate no’s further proving the point that he really isn’t “the catch” in this situation.

Some even go as far to warn Simone Biles that her husband is full of “red flags” to have the audacity to think and speak in that manner. Even football star Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, commented on Owens’ strange answers. In the podcast hosted alongside his brother, he says “How is Simone Biles on this…but her boyfriend isn’t?” referring to the Athlete of the Year at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards nominations list. Jokingly making the point that in reality Owens is in no way near the standard at which Simone Biles is in terms of fame and even athletic achievement, ability, or skill. Regardless of all the outrage flooding social media, Simone Biles continues to support her husband. Even referring to herself as “Jonathan Owens’ wife.”

However the public refuses to accept the overlooking of her outstanding achievements and undermining of her honorable identity, and now refers to Jonathan Owens as “Simone Biles’ husband” instead.

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