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Saban’s coaching career and impact on others

By: Eva Holzl

Nick Saban, known as “one of the winningest coaches in college football history,” just announced his retirement from coaching college football after spending 17 seasons at the University of Alabama, two seasons at an NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, five seasons at Louisiana State University (LSU), five seasons at Michigan State University, and one season at Toledo State, all of which he was head coach during these times. Saban won seven national titles in the 28 years of coaching college football. His first national title was at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2003, and later went on to win six more at the University of Alabama (2009, 2011-12, 2015, 2017 and 2020). In 10 seasons of college football playoffs (CFP), Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide made eight appearances. 

Because of the success rate of Nick Saban, he has produced over 123 NFL draft picks which is more than any other program since 2009, and those players have made $2.26 billion combined during their careers in the NFL. His recruitment is like no other. He has brought in over 60 5-star recruits to the University of Alabama. His dedication and hard work to the players helps them advance and succeed in many different levels. He has players focus on what their role is for the team, and what was required for them to accomplish during that certain play, instead of worrying about the score on the scoreboard. Saban has also impacted many outside of just football players. During his first years active at Alabama, he raised the student enrollment up to 39,000 after it was at 25,000 a few years before. 

After news got out that Nick Saban officially retired from coaching college football, many Alabama Crimson Tide fans filled his statue with his favorite things. Thousands of people were shocked about his announcement to retire, and it affected the Crimson Tide fans the most. There were five decommitments from the class of 2025 and one decommitment from the class of 2024, along with 14 players entering the transfor portal after this news was released. Many of the football players committed or currently playing for Alabama were there for him. Saban inspired many people and made a huge impact in the Alabama football program. 

Since Nick Saban entered Alabama, he started what was called “The Nick’s Kids Foundation” and over $12 million has been distributed to teachers, students, and children’s causes at over 150 different charities all through this foundation. Because of this, the foundation has also helped build 20 Habitat for Humanity homes. This program aims to help support children and families all around. “The Saban center” was also built to give a unique, different, and fun experience to children. (Saban’s family donated $1 million and the Nick’s Kids Foundation donated $1 million to help create the “Saban Center.”) 

Nick Saban has impacted others, helped the community, created a great atmosphere for college football, and has left a huge impact not just on the University of Alabama, but also on others everywhere.

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