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OPINION: Phones in school

By Ethan Tucker

Phones in school have become a much bigger subject in school. Just a few years ago, phone policies were not as high because students were not on them as much in class. Now phones are considered a distraction, not a tool. Phones are taken at the beginning of many classes without question or reason. This is the policy in many of my classes, those being my math and chemistry classes. Similar policies are taking place in my other classes. Is this a problem, or is it for the best?

My name is Ethan Tucker. I am a sophomore at Batavia High School. I am a well behaved student, have good grades, and I participate in many extracurricular activities. I think that the phone policies that are being made are unfair for the students and teachers.

The second semester started just a few weeks ago and I’ve noticed a big change with the tolerance the teachers have with students and their phones. Teachers say students have “not been able to refrain themselves from gravitating to their phones”(found in a note I got from my chemistry teacher, but was signed by all of the chemistry teachers in the high school). This is the reason for them to take them with no second chances or warning.

I’ve had front row seats to students and teachers having arguments about students having their phones in class. It’s hilarious and stupid, and makes the teacher look like the “bad guy” because they’re arguing with a student. So I understand why teachers are making these decisions and implementing them into their class.

As a student, I love to learn. I am learning important skills that I will use for the rest of my life, and to me that’s priceless. But admittingly, I love my phone too, as most other students do. There have been times where my phone has been a distraction in class when I should have been doing my work. But for teachers to take my phone away from me using a calculator for the work that they assigned or texting a parent is a bit much in my opinion. 

I think if students are responsible with their phones, and use it with good intention, they should be allowed to use their phones during class. But I also agree with the teachers. Most of the students use their phones for entertainment purposes, and it’s distracting and extremely rude to have your phone out when the teacher is trying to guide the class to success.

My point is that both sides of the conflict have issues. Maturing students are not the smartest people on earth and make some decisions that are unwise. Teachers on the other hand are making policies that are inconsiderate of the class they have, before they have even met them. These policies are not going to slow down either, and it’s not like the students have a say in what the teachers choose to do with their class. 

It’s not my decision to make, simply my opinion, but I think students should be allowed to have their phones with them in class, and use them as a tool, not a distraction. Obviously, if it gets out of hand, by all means the teacher should take it. I think schools would be a much better place for teachers and students if these rules were implemented.

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