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Why pigeons should be respected

By Melika Khamisisobi

For years, pigeons have been seen as pests around the city and few people try to stop others from killing or harming them. Society has changed and so have people’s views on what’s considered common to have as a pet.

Having pigeons as pets started more than a century ago. Pigeons were treasured as pets by many people around the world. These birds were highly respected for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. They were often kept in cages or allowed to fly freely, returning to their owners in the evening. Pigeons were not only admired for their attractive feathers, which came in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, but they also had remarkable homing abilities.

Unfortunately, nowadays they are demonized and seen as vermin. Others, including me, have learned to respect them. In fact, many people are starting to keep them as pets. Having pigeons as pets can be a uniquely fascinating experience. Their gentle cooing and fluttering feathers can create a calming environment in any home.

Pigeons are highly capable of forming strong bonds with their owners. Moreover, they are relatively low-maintenance pets, requiring a simple diet and a clean living space. Adopting a pigeon as a pet can bring a sense of joy especially for people with anxiety or depression. They offer a unique and rewarding pet ownership experience. We can tell if a pigeon is domestic or wild through its breeding, specifically their eyes.

They can get an emotional attachment like any other pet and follow their owner everywhere. They are so sweet and intelligent that it’s sad to think that humans used to take flocks of pigeons to become messengers, spies and alarms but still gave them no respect. Pigeons had a big role in sending secret messages during WWll.

I wanted to honor this specific pigeon named Cher ami who actually saved many and got a presidential medal and a statue built for him. He used to send messages and was a very loyal pigeon. He persisted even after he got shot in the chest, blinded in one eye and lost a leg. Cher ami saved over 200 men and delivered 12 of the most important war messages created in WWll. He also saved a man from getting shot by a bullet by taking it himself. He is almost forgotten, just for the fact that he’s a pigeon, but without him, we might have lost WWll.

Studies have shown that the intelligence level of a pigeon is more than a dog’s or cat’s. They can remember faces even when a person has had a change of clothing. Research has also shown the reason why pigeons have adapted to the city’s environment. Scientists and ornithologists say it’s because they, among other birds, have realized that there are no predators except humans, which have lived among them for years.

Additionally they have noted that pigeons have become reliant on humans for a food supply because of their relationship to them which is heartwarming but also a need for us to respect and preserve them. In conclusion, people should learn that pigeons are amazing birds who have done nothing but help humans for generations. They have been messengers, protectors, fertilizers, spies, symbols, alarms, and amazing pets. There is no reason why people should dislike pigeons. King Frederick II once said a dog is a man’s best friend, but I beg to differ.

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