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Top 5 things to do in Batavia during the summer.

By Eva Holzl

Batavia is a smaller town which means the activities to do in the summer are more limited compared to other towns in the area. But this doesn’t mean there is absolutely nothing to do. Here is a list of the top five summer activities in Batavia. 

The first and most popular thing to do is go to the Hall Quarry Beach. It is located right next to the Fox River and is near the downtown area. It is only open in summer which makes the countdown till it opens super exciting! The Quarry is very popular for kids, teens, and even adults. They have one diving board, two platforms to jump off from different heights, a drop slide, and a kids slide, volleyball courts, picnic areas where friends and family’s can cook meals, and occasionally lily pads to race on. The Quarry also has concession stands, which provides many food choices, or the option to bring in your food. You could also bring sand toys because the Quarry has sand! This is what makes the water not as clear as swimming pools. The water temperature is just right for when the need to cool off on a hot sunny day is calling! Going to the Quarry with friends and family will be a memory many will never forget. 

Another activity to do is taking a trip to the Batavia Creamery. It’s a great place to cool down, hang with friends, enjoy some ice cream, and sit outside to soak in the summer air. They have many different flavors of ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, sundaes, shaved ice, and much more. You could never go wrong at an ice cream shop on a warm summer day.

Another option is to visit the local stores and shops. 

One place in particular is the boardwalk shops! This area includes 12 miniature shops containing cute items and gadgets that are a necessity! Going with friends or family can be a great experience to make memories. These shops are also located outside and right in the heart of downtown. The farmers market is also a very popular outdoor activity to shop around. They only take place in summer almost every Saturday morning. There are  a variety of different goods, some of which include fresh fruits, vegetables, various breakfast foods, artwork, paintings, smoothies, and much more.  

Another activity you could do is visit the Emagine Theater in Batavia. If it’s a rainy or cold day and don’t feel like going outside, the movie theater is never a wrong move. Emagine Theater provides many different food options. They provide an option to order food as well, which will be delivered to you. They have an assortment of movies to pick from and times to go. Getting a few friends together to see a movie can be the perfect rainy-day activity in summer. 

One last activity to do is walking along the Prairie Path. It has beautiful scenery and is a great way to get exercise. It provides different objects of nature and can be a great option of relaxation.

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