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OPINON: Since Mahomes, Chiefs won the Super Bowl, will he now be considered the greatest quarterback of all time?

By Eva Holzl

Patrick Mahomes, now onto his fourth Super Bowl appearance, has already made history by becoming the youngest quarterback to start in four Super Bowl games. This is the most in NFL (National Football League) history. 

Only 28 years old, Mahomes has now three Super Bowl wins in the six seasons being a starter, and of those three Super Bowl wins, he was named MVP for all. This has only been done by two other quarterbacks in NFL history (Tom Brady and Joe Montana) but Mahomes was the youngest to do it. In 2022 when he lost his best wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, some thought it would be hard to recover. He proved that he didn’t need a star player to define his talent. Being the greatest quarterback of all time means many things including being a leader on and off the field, having the ability to advance during stressful moments, moving the ball in different ways, being able to find passes in hard situations, handling pressure in and out of the pocket, creating opportunities for teammates, and showing you can play in any environment. Mahomes has showen he can do all of that. 

 He has now reached his 15th playoff win, tying for third most by any quarterback and first for current quarterbacks in the league. Tom Brady had 35 and Joe Montana had 16. Mahomes has led the Kansas City Chiefs to six AFC championship games, all of which were during his six seasons as a starter. He was also named the league MVP in 2018, 2022 and now 2023. Because of Mahomes’ hard work, the Chiefs won back-to-back Super Bowl games. This has only been done by nine other NFL teams ever and was the first since the Patriots went back to back in 2003 and 2004 with Tom Brady as quarterback. But a lot of Mahomes’ success came from the regular season. He has passed for around 300 yards in his career during this time. 

The real question remains: Is anyone in his way of becoming the greatest quarterback of all time? The answer is yes: Tom Brady. Brady won seven Super Bowls and five Super Bowl MVPs in his career. He won his seven Super Bowls with two different teams, which has only been done by one other quarterback. This does not include Mahomes. Even though Brady played 23 seasons and Mahomes has only played 6 seasons, Brady holds many records. Some of these include being the only NFL quarterback to have 600 passing touchdowns in the regular season. He also holds the career and the postseason records for completions. 

Even though Brady had a great NFL career, Mahomes still has many seasons ahead of him and by the looks of it, winning this Super Bowl has put him on the right track for becoming the greatest quarterback of all time.

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