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An inspirational and entertaining movie

By Eva Holzl

Once again, Margaret Robbie and Ryan Gosling, playing Barbie and Ken in the new Barbie movie, have put on a show after almost 64 years of dolls, real-life Barbies, and Kens are now coming to life. From fantastic scenery to inspirational characters, the new movie is definitely worth your time! 

Barbie, the main character, is perfect. She lives her best life daily, and nothing changes. Well, that is accurate until she wakes up with flat feet one day. Everything is the same as a Barbie doll, except they are humans. Their feet are shaped and pointed up, they walk the same, the scenery is plastic, and the food is fake. When Barbie’s feet appeared flat one day, she knew something was wrong. After figuring out the problem, Barbie decided to go into the real world to fix it. 

The Barbies and Kens live in “Barbie Land,” and no “real” humans have ever been to Barbie Land before. When Barbie is on her way to the real world, Ken also decides to ride with her. Once they reach the real world, Barbie is shocked as to why men are in charge and running everything. This is because, in Barbie Land, all the women are in charge and control. So when Ken saw this, he was inspired. His view changed, and he realized that he had gained power. Barbie was taken aback by how things ran.

The big idea of the movie was a message to all the girls and women in the world. She wanted them to embrace their uniqueness and to utilize what being Barbie means.

Barbie wanted young girls to look up to her and to be a role model. So, once she found the reason why her feet were flat, she was inspired to fix it. After solving the problem, she returned to Barbie Land, only to find that the Kens had taken over. Since Ken was significantly influenced by the real world, he returned to Barbie Land, a new person with a different perspective on power and control. Barbie realized that the real world and Barbie Land were utterly different. She saw that women were being overlooked. The Barbies knew they needed to regain their power, so the women all came together to try and stop the Kens.  

Barbie was very passionate about women’s empowerment. Because of this, her perspective changed. She wanted to show women that they have a huge impact, which had been prioritized throughout the film. However, both Barbie and Ken affected making the movie focus on women’s and men’s empowerment. 

I would rate this movie a 10/10. It provides a powerful message to many people worldwide, is very inspirational, and during every part, something exciting is happening.

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