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NEWS: Swingsingers end their season as Champs!

By Athziry De La Peña

 Swingsingers is a 39-mixed-audition show choir, directed by Maddy Kozar, Peter Barsch and with the help of Addie Bloom and Maddy Misuira. This season they faced many struggles, but also encountered much success. BHS is no stranger to groups like this. Swingsingers has been live for longer than many of the students. 

“I think my goal was that we would enjoy making music together, and that we would be proud of ourselves,” Barsch said. “There have been years where we did the first one, but we  weren’t always proud of ourselves. I do feel like we’ve done both this year. We always say that it’s not about winning, but  the higher rankings we’ve earned this year certainly help us to enjoy our work!” 

Batavia’s music program has expanded and given students the opportunity to express themselves through music and give them the chance to have a safe space.

“My goal for the Swingingers is always for everyone involved to have fun, from the performers on stage to the audience members,” said Kozar, the Director of Swingsinger. “Creating this unique art together with such a large group of people is a special privilege we get to indulge in and share with others”

Eli Rodriguez a senior and has been a member of Swingsingers all 4 years. 

“Now as a senior it’s definitely changed,” he said. “I feel like everybody’s so much more positive, and willing to go to other groups even if they are in separate divisions. We wouldn’t be up there performing if we didn’t love what we’re doing.” 

Swingingers go to competitions not to win or to beat people, but to share their love for art and music and to share their show with others and demonstrate to others what Batavia music is all about. 

“No matter what the judges say, we always are trying to make a positive impact on anyone who watches our group,” Kozar said.

“Swingsingers require a lot of dedication and effort. You cannot do it halfway.” Said Grace Elftmann, Sophomore and member of swingsingers. The long hours of rehearsals, frustrating choreography nights, and cleaning sessions most definitely paid off this season. 

This season , SwingSingers performed at many events. At Manteno Main Event, they placed fifth in their division. Swingsingers proceeded to take fifth place and qualified for finals at El Paso-Gridley Show Choir Showdown and moved up an entire place and ended in fourth place. At the John Hersey Chicagoland Showcase, they Won best choreography and best vocals in the festival division, but also became the 2024 chicagoland champions coming up in first place.  

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this is swingsingers’ best season in years, at least since I’ve been part of the BHS music program,” said Lily Maminga, director of Swingsingers combo. “I’m so proud of everyone in swings as well as the combo. It’s been such a fun season, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.” 

“Show Choir is a culmination of all of the best things- singing, dancing, a live band, costumes, teamwork, and a high energy performance,” Kozar said. “Upholding that legacy and continuing to grow our program is a goal I believe we have been able to achieve with flying colors this season!”

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