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Making a name for himself: Ryan Boe

By Jackson Ketelsen

This year was Ryan Boe’s senior season on the field and third year as a starter here at Batavia. In his three years as the varsity starting quarterback he passed for 6108 yards and for 65 touchdowns. 

When talking to his quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator Sean Anderson. he said this when asked how much trust he had in him “It was in a unique situation as the coach, the first 3 year starter he got to coach” he also added “Ryan has been around it enough to make the decisions.” “His decisions were spot on and I had a whole lot of trust” 

Watching him play for the past 3 years and especially the last 2 you would be able to see him improve over that time. Seeing him going from scared to do something to this year where he wouldnt sit and think as much as he did before he chose to do something with the ball. He was also able to do more with the offense this year because all the coaches trusted him a lot more this year then last year anybody that watched him could see that.

Seeing him practice was a lot different this year because last year he would mess around a little bit and care but not as much as he did this year. This year he would get upset more when the right thing didn’t happen like the receivers running the wrong routes or somebody had a false start when there was no defense. Then other times it would be just having fun and messing around with other people on the field when he would go get water or at the end of practice. 

“When he was a sophomore what was exciting as a football coach was his quiet confidence and belief in his teammates,” said head coach Dennis Piron. “He had wonderful leadership qualities without being someone that had to say very much.” 

With his leadership you could see them get better over the years he was playing because he was able to start calling things on his own this last year and was allowed to switch the plays. That shows the change because last year they didn’t like him doing that but this year they trusted him to call what he thought the team should do in some hard spots when they wanted it to be up to the players and not the coaches. 

When talking about him to defensive coach Matthew Holm said “How competitive it would get with how much defense wanted to get to the quarterback” he also said “he would get to us”

When talking to coach Piron on what he thinks his weaknesses are he said “I really don’t know in terms of an athlete, player, person or student if he has very many weaknesses. He is an extremely easy person to like, coach and rout for.”  He added “if he had a weakness he made it a point of emphasis to fix it himself.”

He would always try and fix things. This year the coaches gave out grading sheets to all the players and he got a good one every time and there would only be a couple things wrong with it most of the time it would be the same one thing after every game when they would get them on mondays. The coaches doing that shows how they want everybody to get better but also for him because for him it would always be the little things you have to watch over again to see. He would go back and watch what he did wrong during the next week and then he worked on that at practice more that week so he could improve it week by week because it was one thing that he wouldn’t be able to do as well as he wanted to or the coaches wanted him to.

When asked what it was like coaching him for 3 years, coach Anderson said“a lot of fun seeing him grow from a talented sophomore and taking a leadership role. And to See his output over the 3 years”

And also said “Good and fun kid to be around and to coach” 

When he would have a bad game you could tell he would get upset and then he would use that the next week if it was a loss or he just had a bad game on his own and it was a win it would be the same reaction just he wouldn’t be as upset because they still won the game. He would also have a couple things go wrong sometimes in a game and fix it so then the bad game would turn into something good for him and the team. It would also help him to have a better game in the second half because he doesn’t want to repeat what happened in the first half of the game.

When asked coach What would you say one of his weaknesses are

“Vocal leadership he didn’t have at the beginge you could see the progression.” 

With all that you can see that over his 3 years he was a good quarterback and see that there was not a lot that he did wrong while he was playing or off the field. Because all the coaches said really good things about him as a player and a person.

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