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Mackenzie Krauch, varsity softball player, is excited for new season.

By Emma Wecker

The Batavia High School softball season has just recently begun. A current sophomore, Mackenzie Krauch, is excited to be playing on varsity this year. Last year she was pulled up late in the season for some varsity games and participated in the playoff games. With experience playing in many different positions, she is excited to see what she can bring to the team. Last year, she mostly pitched as well as played in the outfield.

Q: How have you been preparing individually during the off-season for this spring?
A: “Well I’ve been practicing with my travel team for all of off season and getting some extra pitching lessons. I sometimes spend time at my house getting some extra hitting work in. On my days that I don’t have team practices or pitching lessons, I also like to work on my fitness.”

Q: How does high school softball change from your travel team?
A: “Well high school is a lot different because we’re all different ages and coming from different teams. It’s always interesting to see we will work well together because we play on a lot of different teams. High school becomes a whole different level because we are practicing everyday after school and have a lot more games. It’s a physical and mental grind so it’s a lot more to prepare myself for.”

Q: How has it been coming together as a team so far?
A: “I really enjoy this group of girls because there’s so many different ages and experiences. I can get a lot of advice from the girls who have been on varsity longer and have more experience. It’s a really great group of girls and I’m just super excited to spend more time with them and see where we can go this season.”

Q: What are your team’s goals for this upcoming season?
A: “Overall, we really just want to grow as a program and work on our skills. We would also love to get some wins this year and go further in the playoffs.”

Q: Do you have any goals for yourself this season?
A: “I really just want to have an impact on the field. Whether it’s pitching, hitting, or playing in the outfield, I really want to show my skills. I’m hoping to have strong hits and help get some runs for the team. I also want to be super supportive when I’m not on the field, too. Cheering for my teammates, and being helpful will hopefully be impactful for the team and I just want to be the best teammate I can be.”

Q: Lastly, what are you looking forward to most this season?
A: “I’m just super excited to spend time with my teammates and see what we can accomplish this season. I’m excited to celebrate with the girls and see our growth in the end.”

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