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Q&A with campus monitor Williams

By Nela Sedlarova

Anthony Williams is a campus monitor at Batavia High School. He’s a well known monitor that can have almost every student say he is one of their favorite monitor’s from the school. Although most students can say that, not most can say they know more about him than his name and job title. 

I asked about his family and whose in it. 

 I asked, who is in your family, do you have a wife and kids? “I do, I have a wife, three daughters and four grandchildren.”

I’ve wondered how some people can deal with having to deal with teenagers. Personally as a teenager I wouldn’t even wanna deal with us everyday. Although I would like having every saturday and Sunday off, with all the holidays you automatically don’t have to worry about being at work that day. So I asked what made you want to pick this job?

“Well, I retired from my other job and this is my second career.”

What is the best part of working here?

 He responded with “Coaching basketball” for both of the questions.

Who is your current favorite student? 

“Who my current favorite student… Nate Nazos.”

He seems to know the school and everyone in it you would have expected him to be working here for over 10 years so when I asked how long he had worked here I was shocked by his answer.

“Since 2018” Which would make it be only 6 years of being a campus monitor at Batavia high school. 

Lastly for my question and answers, I wanted to know his opinion of Batavia High School. I wondered if his response would be about students or the staff.  

He responded saying “I think it’s soft on crime.” and “Kids get away with too much.” He used to work at juvenile center which can explain the difference in the way students act. 

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