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Starbucks vs. Dunkin

By Emma Wecker

Starbucks vs. Dunkin is a long, ongoing debate that’s been going on forever. People of all ages, everywhere, are buying their drinks and food everyday from both places. It all comes down to menu size, customization, healthiness, and atmosphere. Starbucks has proven to be better in all areas.

Starbucks has shown that their drinks can be changed to the perfect way for you. Whether it’s adding different juices, or choosing less ice, Starbucks will customize it just the way you like it. Currently, Starbucks offers 10 different milk options, 16 different syrups, and nine juice options for your drinks. This makes it way better for everyone so they can get their drink just the way they like it. There are over 87,000 different drink combinations you can order at Starbucks. Comparatively, Dunkin only offers about 25,000 different combinations. While that is still a large number, Starbucks has about 60,000 more options, which is a lot. They also provide seasonal drinks to add to their menu. This creates more variety and people enjoy having new options to choose from.

The atmosphere in Starbucks is very pleasant. It’s a perfect place to hang with friends, study, or just enjoy a coffee. At Dunkin, it feels more like a fast food environment. It’s very bright and often loud inside. It also often feels dirtier and unorganized in Dunkin. Starbucks is very clean which is also less distracting. More people tend to go through the driveway at Dunkin instead of inside due to those reasons. Starbucks has soft lighting, comfortable seating and gives a sense of a library. With a better atmosphere, it makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

We have seen that Starbucks provides more options for drinks, but they also have more food options. They have way healthier items than Dunkin. Dunkin sells breakfast sandwiches and donuts and that’s about it. Starbucks also has breakfast sandwiches, but also protein boxes, lunch items, and healthy juices. Starbucks is better for us because we can choose from more options and be healthier. Overall, we can tell that Starbucks is a healthier option. If you go to Starbucks you can choose options from their grab and go section. In that section, they have protein boxes, granola bars, yogurts and more. Within their breakfast sandwich options, they have spinach wraps and egg bites. All of Dunkins sandwiches are very greasy and use unhealthy ingredients. You can still go with friends while they get their sweet treats and you can choose from healthier options.

Although Dunkin still produces good items, Starbucks is better. Dunkin sells decent coffee but they don’t sell many other items. You can’t spend a lot of time in Dunkin because it’s not super inviting inside. At Starbucks we can enjoy more time with friends in the quiet atmosphere. There’s a lot more variety at Starbucks making it inviting for people of all ages.

Everyone can go to Starbucks and find something they enjoy while sitting in a nice atmosphere. With a larger menu, more customization, and a better atmosphere, Starbucks is a way better option than Dunkin.

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