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Why Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won the ‘Album of the Year’ award at the Grammy ‘24.

By Bella Punzio

Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won the “Best new album of the year” at the Grammys because I view it as unfair to the other artists because she has become more popular and well known 

In my opinion, Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won the Best new album of the year at the Grammys. Not that this album isn’t great, but I feel that it only won for the popularity of the artist and not the actual music or meaning. 

The album of the year shouldn’t be the most listened to or the most popular. It’s more than the title, or the quality of the music. I’m not saying that Midnights isn’t a great album, because it truly is. I’m trying to portray a thought that most people voted for this album because of the popularity of the artist. 

I think the ‘Eras tour’ made a huge impact on the music industry and Taylor Swift’s perception. The tour has drawn in more fans because of how many people have talked about how amazing it was. I’d say the newer Taylor Swift fans are only fans because of the tour. I can say I listen to Taylor Swift’s songs more often because of the tour, but I wouldn’t call myself a big fan. 

 I feel strongly that her Midnights album doesn’t top all her other albums. I could say she has better albums than she has written before. 

Many of my close friends who are big fans of Taylor Swift can say that it wasn’t her best album and wasn’t one that should have won. Some say that they want her most recent win to be received for one of her albums that displays her radiance, not one that is more recent and not one that’s popular for just being released.

 I feel strongly that her Midnights album doesn’t top all her other albums. I could say she has better albums than she has written before. 

I am glad that she was nominated because the impact of her album was indisputable and relatable to other people. 

I don’t have a say on who should have won the award, but I feel strongly that the fairness of who and why they won was fair. Yes, Taylor Swift does deserve the award, but other artists like Oliva Rodrigo, SZA, Boygenius that were in the running could have won it for many other reasons too. Not just because of popularity. I think Taylor Swift won the award mainly because of how well known she is around the world from her tour and recent remakes of her albums and because of the popular tour she’s been going on. Other artists in the running definitely had other reasons as to why they should have won the award. Like how well made the album was, and other things like number of streams the album received 

I fully support Taylor Swift and her music and think that she is a great person overall and deserves the award for her hard work, but other artists also deserve the award for their albums and their hard work and dedication and not just the big popularity of the artist.

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