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Target vs. Walmart: Target stands on top

By Brookelyn Vande Loo

In today’s world there is no other debate great than who is better, Target or Walmart. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Target has really stepped up their game in both price and quality.  This mega retailer used to be considered super expensive; however, Target has really taken aim on price control for common items to fall in line against its main competitor.

According to Walmart’s website a box of mac and cheese is $1.24 but Target’s website says their Kraft Mac and Cheese is $1.19. However, according to the article “Which Retailer Has Cheaper Grocery Prices, Target or Walmart?”, on a shopping list of 12 core grocery items and based on the everyday prices, the Target bill rang up slightly higher at just $2.60 over Walmart.  This narrow margin likely won’t sway many customers to run the other way with gas prices remaining high. Convenience and location are likely to cancel out driving further or making multiple stops.  

The segment that Target is excelling in is household items.  According to the popular cost conscious “”, Target undercuts Walmart on name brand household items in areas such as cleaning products, over-the-counter medicines,  paper products such as toilet paper, and baby items.  Perhaps the most notable category is pet food, bettering Walmart by $1-$2 on popular brands.  

Target also offers better awards and incentives programs for their shoppers.  They give back to the community and how much they do for their customers and employees.  According to their respective websites, both retail giants offer a generous 5 percent cash back with their credit cards.  Target again leads the savings opportunity with 1 percent cash back by joining their free Target Circle program which also offers member exclusive  discounts.  Walmart on the other hand offers a $98 per year membership for additional perks. 

Target has a good reputation for their return policy and they have amazing customer service. According to Target’s website, “You have up to one year after your event date to return most new unopened products,” although they can’t guarantee you will get a full refund if the product has been marked down. Being this flexible shows how much Target cares for their customers and how they want the best for them.  Target has a great price matching policy, as well. According to their website, “Target will match the price of any identical qualifying item you find for less at or online competitors.” 

Walmart does beat Target in at least one area: product variety.  From tires to live plants to fabric, Walmart carries something for everyone. However while the Arkansas base giant is focusing on one stop shopping, Target corporation is looking to entice its future loyal shoppers focusing on teens.  In a 2021 article “Why Target may be the new Hangout for Teens” from the,  says Target is using TikTok influencers to trend Target Haul’s on apparel and fashion.  According to 86 percent percent of their stores have Starbucks. This partnership has created a shopping experience and invites people in to get a fun drink and to have the experience of shopping in their stores while Walmart has outdated partners.

Overall both retailers have strength in weaknesses.  The age-old debate of which is better may still come down to location and preferences for most consumers but Target is looking to build brand loyalty with the younger consumers which could lead to a brighter future.  

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