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MLB The Show is the best video game available

By Jackson Ketelsen

Unlike other games MLB The Show cares about their players. MLB The Show 24 is the best sports game out right now because of its quality and the way the company cares about the game and its players.

One issue with video games can be the frequency that the games are updated. When comparing MLB The Show with other video games, it is frequently updated. Updating sports games like MLB is important so the teams and players are always accurate. Some games like Madden don’t update the important things like MLB does with their players and teams. When people get traded or get injured.Madden only provides updates about once every month, but MLB provides weekly updates and this improves the quality of play.

Another factor to think about when you are dealing with sports video games is how much money you put into the games. For MLB, there are many free options to help you play online in the online modes.
However, with Madden players have to buy things and do a lot more work to get things to help them in their games to win and have more fun in it.

The last thing that Mlb does better is how much they listen to their players when they want something in the game. And will listen to what the players say they don’t like in it. In madden they don’t care what their players think as much because everyone says things that they need to change but they never do anything to help the game get better that people want.

Other people will say games like Madden are better because there is not as much change in it all the time like there is in MLB. This is the wrong thing to think because with it changing so much that means more people can get better and have more fun playing. The players they add and update so they are better in the game and not the same almost the whole year.

That’s why MLB is the best because of the things they do for the players of the game and they don’t just treat the game as something that will make them money. Like games like Madden does because their company really only cares about the money and not the players of the game.

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