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Controversy of Jojo Siwa’s rebrand

By Alexa Quiroz

Jojo Siwa, best known for her very loud, vibrant and quirky character from reality tv show, Dance Moms,  has recently undergone a serious rebranding effort that has totally failed, stirring up lots of controversy among many of her fans and followers.

For years, Jojo has been in the tween entertainment industry, catching audience’s attention with her funky upbeat music, energetic personality, and colorful style. Central to her brand has been her iconic looks, specifically her trademark oversized bows, glittery clothing, and sparkly accessories, which all have been a major hit with her young audience.

However, Jojo recently announced her departure from her iconic image, taking on a more mature, serious, dark aesthetic, leaving behind her old persona. The new Jojo caught the attention of many fans and as well as other entertainers and media influencers such as Kai Cenat, Mitsy, and a couple others. While some applaud Jojo’s decision to move forward in her career to alter her image to cater to an older audience, many of her young fans were feeling a sense of confusion. For them, Jojo’s change represents a serious retreat of fun and excitement, a departure of her bright character that they loved.

Social media has been full of debates and discussions about Jojo’s transformation. Many different influencers have been all over media trying to voice their opinions about her new look, saying they feel Jojo’s decision to leave her younger image was a sense of betrayal to her audience that helped her grow her fame. Parents from all over the world have even posted their child’s upsetting reaction to Jojo’s new style.

More specifically, people are upset about Jojo’s new song, “Karma,” saying Jojo doesn’t give the “bad girl” vibes she’s trying to promote. Not long ago people found the original version of her song, recorded by Brit Smith in 2012, and were bothered by Jojo lying and saying she wrote the song. The bashing continued after the original song was found and her fans are still waiting on an explanation.

Supporters of Jojo argue that she has the right to grow as an artist and content creator. Many admire Jojo for having the courage to break stereotypes and explore herself and her identity through her music and platforms. 

Jojo Siwa’s failed attempt to rebrand has sparked a lot of controversy about her identity, and fan expectations all over social media. While some may not support Jojo, others see it as a huge step and opportunity for Jojo to grow her career. 

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