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By Emma Olberg

Rainy days are calm yet boring. You don’t just have to sit there and do nothing! Rainy days should be considered as time to learn new things, gain new skills, and to relax. Most go on social media to fulfill boredom, but staring at a screen and scrolling for hours isn’t the healthiest thing to do. Here are five things you can do on a rainy day.

Painting – Painting is more on the creative side of ideas but there’s lots of benefits to it. Painting can help the mind relax. It can relieve stress from the body and mind, only focusing on the idea of the painting and not anything else. It can also help with communication and fine motor skills.

Crafting – Crafting again is more on the creative side of things to do. Crafting isn’t just “painting and coloring.” Crafting is 2D and 3D objects singular or combined. 3D crafts such as birdhouses are a great way to boost self-confidence and skill. Knowing you did something that is properly structured and sturdy can build self-esteem.

Yoga – Yoga is more important than most think. Yoga has many benefits to your health that can help decrease the chances of sickness. Yoga can help decrease chances of heart disease and arthritis. For those who have pain in their back, try doing yoga for at least 10 minutes for a few days. Trying possible cures before seeing a doctor can save you money.

Bake/Cook – If you’re not much of a cook, it’s not too late to start! There are three main benefits to cooking: stress reduction, mood improvement, and skill improvement. Baking/cooking can be used as an escape from reality after a long stressful day.

Clean – Cleaning is a boring task for most people but others enjoy it. If you don’t like to clean, you should consider doing it at least once a week but it’s better to do it more often. Cleaning has many benefits for personal health and social health. Cleaning at least once a week can reduce the amount of clutter you have and reduce dust that can cause allergies. It can reduce stress so you can sleep better and you can gain better self-confidence and control.

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