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REVIEW: New Samyang Carbonara noodles are affordable, full of flavor

By Alexa Quiroz

The new flavors of Samyang noodles have been recently trending all over TikTok. The company has recently created new flavors and everyone on social media is going crazy about them. The new spicy carbonara noodles definitely lived up to the hype and are totally worth a taste. 

The Samyang company is known for their ramen noodles, more specifically their level of spice. They have released multiple options that contain different amounts of spice, however this new “carbonara” flavor is said to be different. 

These carbonara ramen noodles are not your average ramen. The noodles can be purchased in bulk or they come in individual packaging, which are very convenient. Inside contains the noodles, hot sauce, and carbonara seasoning. The noodles were very thick compared to other ramen companies, such as Cup Noodles. The thickness of the noodles allowed them to be able to absorb more of the carbonara flavor, which for me was much more enjoyable than thin noodles. The noodles themselves were quite chewy but not to the point where it feels like rubber. 

Aside from the quality of the noodles, the taste was pretty flavorful and the spice level was not bad at all. It was very tolerable. I could not taste the spice as much as I could in their original noodles. I would say my spice tolerance is quite high and even then I would still recommend it for those who don’t enjoy spice too much. The flavor of the noodles was more creamy and tangy than spicy. This would be very enjoyable during cold weather instead of the summer.

The price for the carbonara noodles is very affordable and so easy to find. I found these at multiple stores for different prices but they all ranged around the same number. I first found these at Walmart at a price of  $6.99 and then later found them at Jewel Osco for $7.99, a fair price for one entire package with 5 individual servings.

With all its recognition all over social media, it’s easy to conclude that these noodles will be a major hit with those who enjoy ramen and spice. It’s an easy and convenient meal to have when busy or simply for pure enjoyment.

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