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REVIEW: Dairy Queen’s new perfect Pink Animal Cracker Blizzard is cheap, delicious

By Addison Brown

The newest blizzard at Dairy Queen is the Animal Cracker Blizzard. It is now a part of Dairy Queen’s spring 2024 menu.

The blizzard is filled with vanilla soft serve, pink confetti frosting, and frosted animal cracker pieces. When the blizzard is handed out, it has a light pink color and you can visibly see the animal cracker pieces in the mixture. The animal crackers were about the size as if they were just snapped in half or in quarters.

The Frosted Animal Cracker Blizzard was very tasty and was super enjoyable.

The blizzard is the perfect amount of sweet. The soft Vanilla soft serve combined with the pink fluffy frosting makes the base of the blizzard the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The animal crackers add a certain level of sugary crunch to the dessert. The little sprinkles that are in the confetti frosting and the bright animal crackers fall into the blizzard and also add a small crunch.

The way the blizzard looked was very appetizing, the light pink gave the ice cream a sweet and pretty vibe. The little sprinkles mixed into it made it look very sugary and tasty.

When the employees handed me the blizzard everything was mixed in thoroughly and there were no big clumps of fluffy frosting left in the blizzard. When they handed me the blizzard they tipped it upside down to prove that the ice cream was frozen enough that it was fresh.

The mini size of the blizzard, the size I tried, is around $3 with tax and for the price you get 7 ounces of ice cream. The mini is a great bang for your buck because for only $3 you are able to try the flavor and if you like it the mini is the perfect serving size. The mini filled was the best size for me because I was able to finish it without feeling like I needed more or where I wasn’t able to finish because it was either too sweet or too heavy on my stomach.

Overall, the new blizzard at Dairy Queen is delicious and cheap for what you’re getting. The Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard is worth your money and I know I will definitely be buying it again.

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