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REVIEW: Crumbl Gives the Best Week of Cookies yet

By Emma Wecker

Crumble Cookie has been releasing six different cookies flavors each week. The week of April 8-13, they had Monster M&Ms, Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Scone, Chocolate Cupcake, Lemon Bar and Milk Chocolate Chip.

Starting off, the milk chocolate chip cookie, which is a cookie that is always in the weekly lineup. It is a warm cookie with chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth. It is very basic but has great taste. Since it’s nothing super special I’d give this a ranking of 7/10.

Next, the Monster M&M cookie was pretty good. It was a basic cookie but overall really well done. The M&Ms in it made the texture very interesting. The cookie came warm so it melted in my mouth which was very pleasing. It tasted very good, but wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I’d also give this cookie a 7/10.
The lemon Bar cookie tastes very tart. I was hoping it would taste a little sweeter; therefore, this wasn’t my favorite cookie. The texture of the cookie was also nothing like a lemon bar, the cookie was much softer. I’m a big fan of lemon flavored things so this was a disappointing cookie for me. My final rating would be a 6/10 for this one.

The Cookie Dough cookie was better than I expected it to be. It came as a chilled cookie which I did not expect, but I enjoyed it. It had a frosting on top of it with chocolate chips and little cookie dough pieces on top. The frosting on top of the cookie didn’t totally taste like cookie dough which was kind of disappointing. But overall, I’d give this cookie an 8/10 rating.

Next, I tried the chocolate cupcake cookie. This cookie tasted pretty much identical to a chocolate cupcake. It consisted of a vanilla cookie with a thick creamy chocolate frosting with sprinkles. I’m not a very big fan of chocolate in general, so this cookie didn’t impress me very much. I would give this cookie a rating of 7/10

My personal favorite was the Cinnamon Scone cookie. It came out warm which I really enjoyed. It was a brown sugar cookie and had cinnamon butter on top which I spread across the entire cookie. Overall the entire cookie just melted in my mouth. It had great flavor and was very unique. My final rating of this cookie would be a 10/10

Overall this was a great group of cookies. They were all solid flavors and were done well. They were super creative and had a good variety of flavors. In the end, I would give this week’s cookies an 8/10 ranking.

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