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REVIEW: Avoid new Starbucks drink

By Alexa Thompson

Though people have different opinions, I think the Starbucks spicy refresher isn’t worth the money. The Starbucks refreshers were released in early April. The drinks come in pineapple, dragon fruit, and strawberry. I’m already a fan of the normal refreshers so I didn’t know how to think of it if there was spice in it. On the Starbucks’ website there are already bad reviews on them. They also cost around five to ten dollars for any drink, and I paid about six dollars for it. When I could’ve spent that six dollars on something that would hydrate me. 

When I tried the drink there was no sweetness in it and there were just chunks of spicy chili powder. It also gets stuck in your throat. In my opinion I think that the drink should have electrolytes in it, so it’s better for people to drink, even kids. Also it can give you energy throughout the day.

The spice in the drink can lead to stomach pain and heart pain depending on how much you consume. There are healthy drink options at Starbucks that can be better for you than the spicy drink, and that can be worth your money. Going along with the stomach and heart pain that it can cause you, they don’t measure the spice that is put in it, which is a spicy chili powder blend. So that can lead to bad pain in your throat and stomach. 

With already an extreme amount of caffeine in the drinks and then spice on top of it, that can lead to serious side effects. They also have no sweetness left in the drink, which is what refreshers are for. The drinks aren’t going to sell well because the top Starbucks drinks are coffee and the normal refreshers, and if they don’t sell well then they’re not going to keep selling them. Which would be better because they can replace them with healthy drinks that are good for people. This is why I think that the spicy refresher isn’t worth your money at all.

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