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REVIEW: Netflix 2024 best women empowered movie yet

By Angelyce House 

A dark fairytale came to life and was released March 8, starring Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie. Damsel, a Netflix original one of the top 10 today. The movie Damsel embraces a strong message of women empowerment, showing Elodie’s (Bobby Brown) fight for her life. 

This young woman Elodie (Bobby Brown) lives with her father and stepmother Lord and Lady Bayford starring Ray Winstone and Angela Bassett in their kingdom with little to no money , also having to care for Elodie’s younger sister Floria (Brooke Carter). As a woman Elodie (Bobby Brown) agrees to marry a young prince named Henry starring Nick Robinson. In her fathers eyes she was doing her family a ‘’favor’’ and providing them riches in exchange for a bride in which was Elodie. As Elodie (Bobby Brown)  gets deeper into this  marriage and starts to catch feelings for this prince, she realizes it was too good to be true. 

This movie was empowering and action packed with many heartwarming scenes along the way. I enjoyed watching this movie because I never got bored. The producers made sure to keep the readers engaged throughout by creating the strong online presence of the dragon in which carried the plot of the story. The producer dropped new plot twist throughout the movie making it even more interesting as it goes on. This movie is definitely worth your time, as it brings a lot of attention to women empowerment. 

Millie Bobby Brown played this role very well, her acting really made the meaning and message of the movie stick out and interesting to understand. The skills it takes to interact with the special effect Millie did have me getting goosebumps. By the end of this movie I felt like I had accomplished something, it was very heartwarming as well. 

The different plot twists  carried throughout the movie, the plot sells so well also showing a strong meaning of sister-hood. Overall I would rate this movie Damsel a 9/10.  Besides the plain start, this movie had me at the edge of my seat. Also having had the biggest week of viewership for a Netflix film since 2022, I would definitely recommend this movie. It was very well laid out and paced, the special effects were good, bringing a lot of action packed scenes. 

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