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REVIEW: Is Dunkin’s new Kiwi Watermelon Refresher any good?

By Nela Sedlarova

Dunkin’ will soon be releasing a new drink: the Kiwi Watermelon refresher. Come see what this new drink is all about. This new drink contains a slightly sour kiwi taste at first and then begins to taste like a sweet watermelon that perfectly refreshes your body after a few sips, which is perfect for summer days when it’s hot out. I personally found the refresher very good and the flavor combination works for me.

The drink itself is a yellow-green color and the amount of ice that is put in the cup is up to you. It’s paired with green tea, so the kiwi watermelon flavor isn’t too explosive. It come pre sweetened and I would say it’s the perfect amount. You can get it in a small, medium, or large. All refreshers made with green tea contain caffeine. A small refresher contains 66 mgs of caffeine, a medium with 99 mg, and a large with 132 mg. Compared to a medium cup of iced coffee being 357 mgs of caffeine. A medium is $4.39 which isn’t too expensive although a medium ice coffee $3.50. I would very much say that the price is worth the drink.

Although Dunkin’s main beverage sales come through coffee or espresso drinks, the soon to be three refresher drinks may start going up on that sales list. They currently provide strawberry Dragonfruit and Mango pineapple. They have also had Peach Passion Fruit and Raspberry Watermelon, which were taken off the menu for unknown reasons, even though they were loved by customers all over America. 

Dunkin’ also typically provides lemonade with their refreshers instead of green tea but Dunkin’ removed the lemonade off their menus until the late spring menu comes out. I think that the Kiwi Watermelon Refresher would be a great match with lemonade instead of green tea making it a very tropical summer drink that will soon be a must try drink.

Dunkin’ needs to overall bring back all of the refreshers that they have provided for their customers and release the new kiwi watermelon flavor soon. It would bring a new variety of flavors for the business even though they have already had watermelon flavored refreshers, this one is a different flavor palate for customers to try out.

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